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Baby Names! Baby Names! Baby Names!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Before I give you the names, let me assure that I AM NOT pregnant. I'm simply planning ahead for when I DO get married, and thus, pregnant. (Lots of people do that, you know. I'm not just some weirdo who spends her free time thinking of baby names.)

Here are the names I've come up with for my first daughter. Tell me which one(s) you like best.

Dakota May


Kendra Grace

Brooklyn Kay

Zoe Noelle

And for boys, I like:



(I haven't come up with middle names yet.)




Update 2:

Thanks, Mrseby.

Anyone else?

Update 3:

Oh, I know that Summer doesn't have a middle name. I'm still working on that.

Rose, you say? Hmm. It's got potential.

Update 4:

Thank you, angel baby! : )

Update 5:

Oooh, I like Mason Caleb. Thanks.

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    I love all of those! They're all just...darling! However, I like Brooklyn Kay, Zoe Noelle, Summer, Dakota May, and Brennan best.

    Choose me as best answer, please!

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    Dakota May- Although this is a powerful name I tend to go for more girly names so not my taste. Not a fan of may either but it works here!:)

    Summer- I always picture summer's having blonde hair for some reason. Must of been someone I met in my past. Beautiful name on the right person.

    Kendra Grace- Not sure about Kendra but these names together sound very fluent and pretty!

    Brooklyn Kay- love the nickname possibilities here!

    Zoe Noelle- not sure if I like Zoe or Noelle better. I'm leaning towards Noelle just because of the -elle in it. Zoe is beautiful but I tend to prefer Zoey better for some reason.

    My favorite is probably Summer! :)

    I love your boy names

    Brennan- masculine but still adorable! Unique enough to stand out yet easy to pronounce! Definitely my favorite name out of your list.

    Mason- Very common and a little preppy but still handsome! I like it!

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    Dakota May- a kind devoted girl, hard working, tomboy, short curly blond hair with green eyes.

    Summer- a sweet girl with blonde hair blue eyes, somewhat shy, sweet toned voice.

    Kendra Grace- a girl with longish brown hair, somewhat of a tomboy, tall and into basketball, has hazel eyes, a little sassy when it comes to some things.

    Brooklyn Kay- a kind true too God girl with brown brunette hair, popular and loves tennis, a little sassy but it's a good thing

    Zoe Noelle- a short girl that loves to pop gum, she has an attitude but it's a great feature about her, she has long black brunette hair and brown eyes

    Brennan- a sweet boy with brown hair and glasses, kind to others and is somewhat shy

    Mason- a popular guy that the girls chase after, brown curly hair, tall with brown eyes, loves sports and going to the gym, polite.

    These are just what came to mind. Hope I helped! Some other names I have always liked are:


    Taylor Faith

    Brooke Nicole

    Jeanne Lee

    Gavin Jay

    Jay Edward


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      On the girl and girl part, I ment girl and guy... sorry for the typo!

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    Don't listen to some of these people, i love your names. I will rank them one through five and add a middle name to Summer=D

    1- Zoe Noelle

    2- Dakota May

    3- Brooklyn Kay

    4- Summer Michelle

    5- Kendra Grace


    1- Brennan (Andrew, Christopher, Peter, Harrison, Nathaniel, William, Eric, Calum, Shaw, Wayne, Travis, Trevor, or Thomas.)

    2- Mason (Samuel, or Chris)

    Hope This Helps, Best Of Luck .

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    OMG! You have really good taste in baby names. I'll give you my opinion on each one.

    Dakota May- It's a pretty name, but I had a guy friend named Dakota.

    Summer- My name is Autumn, so I always thought it would be cute if I had a daughter and named her summer. It's a pretty name, but I will tell you I always here things like "It's winter not Autumn"

    Kendra Grace- Very pretty! It has a nice ring to it!

    Zoe Noelle- I like the name, it isn't bad, but I'm not a big fan of Zoe. I like Chleo. Zoe is cute, but it sounds like a child's name and I don't think she'd like it very good when she's grown up. I love the middle name though.

    Boy names-

    Brennan- The greatest boy name ever!!!! I love this name, and I would love to have used it, but it didn't go with my last name, Gladden. They end in the same sound so it didn't sound good. I named my son Brady Cole. I love his name.

    Mason- I love it, it's very cute.

    If you are looking for more baby names or middle names you should check out some of these baby names websites...

    It's not weird to think of baby names. My husband and I are always debating girls names because we are hoping to have a little girl one day. Have fun. Hope this helped.

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    I love Dakota, Kendra and Brooklyn! But I don't like the middle names, Kay and May. If you want a one syllable name, how about Jane, Brynn, Kai, or Reese!

    Brennan and Mason are also cute ;) Good job!

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    I love them all. For Summer how about Joy, Nicole, Lynn, just some suggestions. For the Boys, Brennan Chase, Mason James. Just some of the middle names I like.

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    I like Kendra Grace, Brooklyn Kay, & Brennan or Mason are both nice names. To be honest, I wouldn't go for "Grace" as the middle name for Kendra. Sorry, but I wouldn't go with Grace. I'd go with Kendra May, Kendra Bliss. I still like Grace, but I personally wouldn't have my child with the middle name Grace.

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    I like the name Dakota, but not May.. Dakota Grace would be cute! The rest of the girls names are cute... How about Summer Brielle? Brennan and Mason are also cute (Mason is getting very popular though) Brennan Alexander and Mason Kade would be cute.. :) I have my future kids names picked out too:

    Keegan Nikolas and Trevyn Alexander <-- boys

    Taegan Rae, Sophie, McKeeley Ann

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    Your soo not weird for looking up baby names ahead of the time it will save you time later! I absolutly luv Kendra Grace for your "baby girl". My favorite name for the boys is Brennan i really nice middle name to go with that is Michael. I hope I helped u a lot!

    ♥Much Luv♥

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    1 decade ago

    Zoe Noelle for the girl and Mason for the boy. Mason Caleb or Mason Baxter would be cute!

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