How can i learn typing easily and rapidly?

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I got some programs but contain many lessons about 9, and each lesson consists of chapters about 5 in each lesson. I need something shorter and efficient.
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The quick brown dog jumps over the lazy fox. It has every word on the keyboard on it just keep typing it over and over and it helps you to learn the keys w/out looking down at the keyboard. GOod luck also it helps if u just im people a lot or email.
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  • Elizabeth answered 7 years ago
    keep practicing. Buy a program that allows u to practice typing.. I know there i a computer game that can score ur typing speed nd accuracy..
    Just buy it in he software store or download it from internet
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  • Elise Kate answered 7 years ago
    you should practise a lot. I used to be really slow and now i am really fast at typing, its just when i get distracted that i loose my place or slow down. the trick for me is to just focus on the keys. you can start just typing into word short words and then progress to longer ones. if you think that would be boring maybe if you started to write a story on your computer, that helped me lots. hope one of these works for you.
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  • Texasirishrose answered 7 years ago
    the best way to learn to type is just to type like 1-2 hours a day.Get a typing book-probably from the library,and it should have paragraphs,pages to type in it.If you don't know how to type at all,learn where to place your fingers,and everyday go thru the alphabet at least 10 times...then type paragraphs,copy out of book and see how many characters you get correct.typing is learned by typing,that's how we all learned..speed takes time..after you know all your characters,most of us old people started on typewriters(ancient now)with blank we had to learn.You then time your self for a minute with an alarm and count the words per minute you typed..that tells you how many words per minute or wpm you type..takes awhile to gain speed.Hang in there.good luck!
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  • Trice101 answered 7 years ago
    Get a a better typying program or a typing book and make an effort to practice a certain amount of time a day, and a certain time everyday. One thing you can' do is look at the keyboard while typing it'll get you no where.

    Hope that helps! Good luck!! : )
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  • Saadz answered 7 years ago
    actually the programs you got will be the best thing for you, they are long but they will help you out the most
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  • shipwreck answered 7 years ago
    what do you mean? computer typing?
    email people frequently.
    or use msn a lot, and dont use slang words.
    that should help.
    helped me.
    now i type like the wind.
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