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why did indira gandhi get her sirname as gandhi?

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    She married a Parsi man named Feroze Gandhi (no relation to Mahatma Gandhi, other than they both come from Gujarat) in 1942. The marriage was volatile, and there were long periods of estrangement between the two. Feroze Gandhi died in 1960.

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    ] In her years in continental Europe and the UK, she met Feroze Gandhi, a young Parsee Congress activist, whom she married in 1942, just before the beginning of the Quit India Movement - the final, all-out national revolt launched by Mahatma Gandhi and the Congress Party. The couple was arrested and detained for several months for their involvement in the movement. In 1944, Indira Gandhi gave birth to Rajiv Gandhi, followed by Sanjay Gandhi two years later.

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    Due to the culture I was raised in, I believe Indira Gandhi is called that by choice, because it's such a famous name.

    I would be proud of it, to the best of my knowledge.

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