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Who's better? : Dice-k or Shawn Marcum????

dice k- 13-9 (3.79 ERA)

Shawn marcum- 10-4 (3.31 ERA)

Dce k cost 150 mills to get....56 mill contract.

shawn marcum,paid nearly minimum; from the jays farm.

Who is better you think?


k there buddy; 2-3 6.79ERA and 90 mph fastball tops. Marcum beats all those categories by a mile.

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    Marcum. He's underrated and is probably in the top 10 or 15 pitchers in the game. Dice-k gets a lot more attention since he came from Japan and is on the Red Sox.

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    Wow, a Jays fan.

    I will take Matsuzaka, because there is pretty much no pitcher in the AL (Santana and that is about it) who has been scouted more.

    Teams will adjust to Marcum, they already know Matsuzaka, he will now adjust to him as he learns the league, the stats etc etc.

    No pitcher since June has a lower ERA than Matsuzaka, showing adjustment already on his behalf

    Don't get me wrong, Marcum is a fine pitcher, but I will take Matsuzaka for his track record as a big time pitcher.

    But then again, I am a RS fan.

    Matsuzaka will cost up to 103million by the way. 51.11 bid, 56million contract, up to 60-62 with incentives or something.

    You can do this all the time with kids through farms, and FA signings.

    A lot of young kids start great, Marcum has, but they don't all last because teams adjust and the scouting gets better.

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    Dice K is never really gonna live up to the amount of money it cost to bring him over here...that being said I think Dice K is better because of the number of different pitches he is able to throw. He has a couple of different out pitches that can really kill batters hence the higher number of strikeouts.

    Marcum however is much cheaper so he provides more value however Dice K is the better pitcher and will be a lot better next year than he is this year.

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    They are very close but I think Dice-K is better...he is doing very well for all the pressure that is on his shoulders...contract size really doesn't play into who is if you are asking who is a better value obviously Marcum is because he is paid so much less...but who is a better my opinion it is Dice-K.

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    Kei Igawa


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    Dice-k. who's shawn marcum???

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    are you asking who is really better? or who was the better bargain? how much you pay someone is irrelevant when asking who is a better player.

    This year Giambi makes more than A-Rod. Does that mean Giambi is better?

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