what is the best career in USA?

i wonder what is the best career in US?and i mean career that pays good money

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    Among the best carreers:

    VP The vice president does almost nothing, get a big house for free and gets to shoot his attorney in the face and get away with it.

    10 Best Starting Salaries

    Software design & development $53,729

    Consulting $49,781

    Design/construction engineering $47,058

    Financial/treasury analysis $45,596

    Accounting (private) $44,564

    Accounting (public) $41,039

    Registered nurse $38,775

    Sales $37,130

    Management trainee $35,811

    Teaching $29,733

    10 Best Companies to Work For

    (Based on employees' responses to the "Great Place to Work Trust Index," a proprietary employee survey developed by the Great Place to Work Institute.)

    Wegmans Food Markets

    W. L. Gore

    Republic Bancorp



    J. M. Smucker

    S. C. Johnson & Son

    Griffin Hospital

    Alston & Bird

    Vision Service Place

    Looking for a satisfying job? Medical scientists made second place.

    10 Most Satisfying Jobs

    (Based 35 percent on potential for job growth, 35 percent on salary growth potential, 20 percent on how many in the field hold a college degree, and 10 percent on freedom to be innovative and creative.)

    Personal finance adviser

    Medical scientist

    Computer software engineer


    Environmental engineer

    Biochemist and biophysicist

    Sales manager


    Computer system analyst


    10 Fastest Growing Fields

    (These will add the largest percentage of positions through 2012.)

    Network systems & communications analysts 57.0%

    Physician assistants 48.9%

    Software engineers 45.5%

    Physical therapist assistants 44.6%

    Fitness trainers 44.5%

    Database administrators 44.2%

    Dental hygienists 43.1%

    Hazardous material removal workers 43.1%

    Computer systems analysts 39.4%

    Environmental engineers 38.2%

    10 Hottest Jobs

    (These will have the most net gains through 2012 (in thousands)).

    Teachers (K-12) 724,000

    Registered nurses 623,000

    Post-secondary teachers 603,000

    Customer service reps 458,000

    Computer support 420,000

    General operations managers 376,000

    Sales representatives 356,000

    Truck drivers 337,000

    Software engineers 307,000

    Accountants and auditors 205,000

    10 Companies With the Best Benefits

    Loggers have the most dangerous job in the United States, based on number of fatalities a year.

    (Based on retirement plans, strong medical coverage, premium subsidies by employers, disability options, group life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment coverage, medical and retirement packages for part-time employees, and effective communication methods to enable workers to capitalize on those benefits.)

    Flexible Steel Lacing Company, Downers Grove, IL

    American Council of Life Insurers, Washington, D.C.

    American Lung Association, New York, NY

    GuideOne Insurance, West Des Moines, LA

    Campus USA Credit Union, Gainesville, FL

    The Washington Trust Company, Westerly, RI

    Southwest Power Pool, Inc., Little Rock, AR

    Glatfelter Insurance Group, York, PA

    Moran Towing Corporation, New Canaan, CT

    Fremont Co-operative Produce Company, Fremont, MI

    10 Most Dangerous Jobs

    (Based on fatality rate.)

    Logging workers

    Aircraft pilots

    Fishers and fishing workers

    Structural iron and steel workers

    Refuse and recyclable material collectors

    Farmers and ranchers


    Electrical power line installers/repairers

    Driver/sales workers and truck drivers

    Taxi drivers and chauffeurs

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