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Odds of getting free birth control pills from Planned Parenthood?

I'm a 20 y/o of minimal income. I'm looking to get on BC and since I don't have insurance, I was considering PP. I've heard they tailor the price of the exam/cost of pills to your income. I make about $8/hr. and work 30-35 hrs. a week (as does my bf, we work/live together.. him making slightly more). By the time we're done paying our utilities, phone bills, cable bills, rent, etc. I generally have around $50-$80 extra spending cash, and that all goes towards groceries (barely) and gas (mostly).

My main concern is that even though I generally pull in $850-$1000 (at most) a month, with their sliding scale pricing, would I still be charged a ridiculous price for these services? I'll be honest, I have friends that get free BC pills where they live and it's just.. FREE! They just get the exam/pills for free, no need for income information.

And being even MORE honest, I'd reeeally like free BC. Who doesn't like free stuff? And being broke sucks, I'm trying to avoid poverty and more billls.


Apparently I need to be a bit more thorough here on good ol' Yahoo! Answers, because some people are quick to place unneccesary judgement. I am a student in college, and the job I have at the moment is temporary (obviously). I am "trying to turn my life around", but things don't just magically fall out of the sky. I am trying to make things happen, and some of us unfortunates have to start at the bottom and work hard to get up top. Yeah, I know, boo-hoo. But anyway, I asked a question about Planned Parenthood services. Not about whether or not you think my financial situation is enviable, or if I should reproduce/have sex with my boyfriend. I am having sex with him. Let's be mature about this.

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    Just go to PP. It depends where you live. Different states have different funding for it. When I was making less money I was getting it all for free. They gave the exam and a year worth of birth control for free. This was in Los Angeles. Go down there and talk to them, tell them your situation and ask them how much it will cost you.

    Don't listen to some of these other people. It's good to see that you are responsible enough to handle your bills and know what money you have left over. It's very responsible that you are getting birth control and not having children you can't afford.

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    Planned Parenthood Free Birth Control

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    I know around here, you have to be 17 or under to get free birth control pills from planned parenthood. Once I turned 18, I had to start paying. It was 60 bucks a pack, but that all depends on the kind you get.

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    if you are under 18 BC is free at planned parenthood. so the only way to get free birth control is if you said you were 17 or younger..i am not sure though on how much it would cost you to get birth control there with your income you should call them.

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    i just went and i make 7.75 and work 40 hours a week. My bf makes minimum wage and works 40 hours a week.....I got them for free.....like the first 2 months and then they put in an application for you to get an insurance specifically for them so that you can get free bc. You should be able to.....i think that you can...just don't forget to bring either a passport or birth certificate, driver's license...i think social security card and a check stub..or if for some reason you do not have a check stub yet get your work to write you a letter containing how many hours a week you work and your wage. feel free to message me if you have any further questions

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    I believe they charge a small fee (like $20) and that covers the pills for a year and an exam. Sure is a lot cheaper than paying $40 a week in diapers.

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    if you go to a gynacologist that isn't at planned parenthood, and say you want to go on birth control they might give you a few months of samples. i got some.

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    If you have insurance you wont get it free.

    I know someone that makes about the same amount as you and she was offered 40 dollars for the first exam and then 60 for the next appt which would of been her depro shot...

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    im on BC and i get it free. you don't have to have insurance or money or anything. you can go to your local county clinic. whatever county you live in just look up there free health clinic. you can be any age, and they don't ask about insurance or income. my mom also works for a clinic so i know these things. its completely free and confidential.

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    Usually, they will give some discount at Planned Parenting, but not free. There are some organizations that may help to lower the cost, but they typically aim at families with financial trouble (especially with children already).

    If you need some extra money to cover some things that you see as "more important", why not try budgeting your money a bit better? Try cutting out the cable (that's $30-50 a month, if not more), take a look at your phone bills (a lot of long distance calls, or maybe cell phones in addition to a land-line? I actually condensed to just a cell phone, and I like it more, plus it's a LOT cheaper).

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