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Yiddish -- definition & correct spelling of "fakakta"?

What's the correct spelling of this word? And how would you define it? examples of usage would be especially appreciated.



can anyone give an example or two of it used in a sentence?

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    farkakt far∙kakt' (adj.) פֿאַרקאַקט

    use with discretion as the English words--dirty, shitty, full of crap, or screwed-up. Some Yiddish dialects pronounce fa-kakt--no r, or fakakte. I hope it helps.

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    Yiddish Definition

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    Define Yiddish

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    The question is: How is this Yiddish word pronounced? The ANSWER to this question is: Learn how to read Yiddish! The first letter is a "phay" which is roughly 'f'. Then you have a vowel and a "raish", which is roughly 'r'. See where I'm going? It's make no sense to ask this question! Think of the last letter of Johann Sebastian Bach: The last letter is the sound of throat-clearing. What letter is that in English? What a dumb discussion!

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    Wize woman has it right.

    I've also seen "farkakte," but I don't really speak Yiddish, I just understand some from knowing German. It's a pretty offensive word, so be careful when and where and with whom you use it.

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    Hi! Actually, the word is "verkakte" and means "crappy" in Yiddish. The best use of it I know of was in The Blues Brothers:

    "What are you guys gonna do? The same act? Wearing the same verkakte suits?" Maurie Sline

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      It was also used in Smokey and the Bandit when Sally Field says something like "driving around in this verkakte car"

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    judge judy uses it regularly - Ferkakta ...

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