Another "Dust Bowl"?

with this horrible drought going on, is it possible?


I know all about the dust bowl, why it was caused, so on. I live in NC and we haven't had rain in a very long time. In fact, where I live, I get to look out my window every morning and see mud and dirt where a river/reservoir used to be..and my poor jetskis not getting ridden for the past three months.

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    I notice that a lot of your responders are laying the dust bowl thing on Oklahoma. A beautiful state with some of the greatest people in America that grows a LOT of wheat and grazes a lot of cattle (they're just not good at football!) The dust bowl encompassed an area roughly all the way from West Texas north into South Dakota. The dust bowl taught America about soil management and is not likely to happen again.

    PS to Okies: "HOOK 'EM HORNS! (they know what it means!)

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    No, they changed the way crops are grown in the prairie so it won't happen again. Now there are hardly any crops in Oklahoma; it's mostly cattle grazing. The main cause of the dust bowl was poor soil management.

    As for drought in this region, this is the first summer in a long time that we've gotten this far into the season without a drought in Oklahoma. According to my father and sister, it rained almost every day through May, June and most of July.

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    Dustbowl was caused by much more than drought. Decades of non-rotational farming caused the topsoil in midwest, unused to being exposed as it had been covered by grasslands for eons before Oklahoma land rush of 19th century, to blow away.

    Dry isn't the problem so much as our refusal to use land according to any plan except bankers'.

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    Yes it is possible and the deserts are expanding too.

    In the west the deserts have almost doulbed since the 1800's when people went west and started cutting the trees and diverting water.

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    It sure does seem like it. I moved from the southwest to the southeast to get away from the dry heat, now this area is looking like it did out there.

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  • depends on where u r at, but i dont think so, with all the irrigation systems installed these days, i dont think enough of one area can get dry enough for that to happen. we recently went from extreme fire conditions, to moderate.

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    anything is possible everywhere with the climate change.

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