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Drug companies control the FDA and pass off their poison with a federal rubber stamp why do we let this happen

Avandia and Actos are clearly labelled poison after years of hype about how great they are for you. Will people begin to realize drug companies are in it for the cash only? They supress evidence that what they sell is highly dangerous while showing on commercials the happy heathy people that you imagine are actually taking these medications.

thats just the heart failure part

heres the whole part about heart attacks

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    It is a crime and a half. Yet Condi Rice stated on national TV that Canadian drugs are unsafe. These people are lying to keep the Pharm companies in the $100s of billions in profit margin

    edit: Sad to hear about jb's mom...

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    My mom was on Avandia she currently is all right but the future we don't know.How much damage or what was done to her body from this medication the FDA said was safe we don't know since she's 60 and had diabetes for the past 20yrs.Maybe once it hits a family member or friend people might wake up to the fact our government cares more about making money than it's own people and their safety.Look at all the recent recalls from China,(toys,fish,dog food,tires,on and on)i know it's not the FDAs' responsibility for that but it's the same thing.When someone around you is affected you tend to pay attention more.The government doesn't care about you it's time for them to take responsibility contact your congress people and tell them what you think,get involved people.

    Yeah beren it's all OK since they have to please their stockholders.Your part of the problem you fool.This is personal for me so for you to say what you did is to further enhance the peoples thinking that it's ok for this to have happened.And is happening all the time.By the way my moms doctor told her the drug was safe so why would she think she was putting her health at risk?You're an a*s go spread your crap somewhere else.

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    Because people are busy trying to feed their families (and they it). And their spare time is their own time, (they know it). People are afraid to do something that everyone is NOT DOING................ fingers will be pointed at the few and brave people. I wish the hippies/baby boomers would come back and how it is done. But also it seems that they didn't teach their children that, because they are of age to do something about it. And gather and unite the people to make a stand. One person can't do it, just won't work. So if everyone has the attitude - well, Jack will do it and that can count for me too. Wrong...... someday all of these people are going to look in the mirror the morning after and say, "why didn't I do something when I had a c-h-a-n-c-e??????

    Source(s): 51 years on earth, my opinion, take it or leave it...............Peace to all............
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    It is pretty funny to think of the FDA being controlled by the drug companies. Having worked in the pharmaceutical industry, I can assure you that the FDA is viewed as "The Enemy" from their point of view.

    And you are right that drug companies are in business to make money. That is generally they goal of any business.

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    Obviously you have no idea what drug companies have to go through to get a drug approved, do you? Granted there should be more oversight of studies, the data collection and statistical analysis, however that gets expensive for the tax payer. Currently that is mostly done by the drug companies themselves which creates a conflict of interest. However the amount of documentation needed is extraordinary.

    Yes drug companies are in it for the cash. So is every other company in every other industry. They have a responsibility to their stockholders.

    Every drug has risk. You need to accept that risk whenever you take any drug. Sorry but you cannot have the kind of drugs we demand for our health and happiness without risks.

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    F.D.A best start ,,doing their jobs,,,,if not one day ,,,a person or person,s may just shove that poison up their assss,s..chow

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