Pagans/Wiccans, what do you think of "fluffy bunnies"?

For those of you who don't know what one is:

What do you think of fluffy bunnies? Are they really breeding like rabbits, clogging up the religion? Have you ever encountered one, and if so, what did you do (if anything) about it?

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    I find them annoying as hell because they look like they are trying to be so cool and try to look so sullen and hostile (the ones I encounter occasionally) so it ends up that people who see them think that we are all like that. The long black robes, the pentagram the size of a gymnasium, the black eye makeup and white skin, they look like vampires and people think they are weird. Now, I have no problem with pagans dressing however they fell comfortable dressing. But I have talked to some of them at a local pagan bookstore and they have no clue as to what the practice is all about. They look at me dressed in jeans and a T-shirt and wonder if I am a "real" Witch, since I don't look like one.

    I am so sorry to say this but they give those of us who are the real thing such a bad name, and they make it a million times more difficult for us to be taken seriously by the mainstream. They are clogging up the true craft and making it difficult for people to recognize a true pagan or Witch.

    I have had good occasions to try to educate some people about the truth about what Witches can and can't do, and what real magic is. They watch Charmed and pretend with athames, and it is so silly. I told them that real magic takes education, practice, concentration, and it doesn't come from a book, it comes from your heart and your brain.

    When they find out it requires some work, they go back to their pretending. It is easier. The easy road will always attract those who don't really want to commit themselves to the path, they just want to get credit for being "that word" so they can come across as spooky. To a real Witch they just come across as being silly.

    What can be done? We can try to educate them, but I think that these fake pagans will die out a natural death when it no longer benefits them, ie, when it no longer is to their advantage (in their minds) to say they are a pagan, a Witch or whatever they say they are. The wheat will separate from the chaff and the true Witch will remain among us.


    Lady Morgana )0(

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    I am not wiccan but have looked into the path and almost became a member but couldnt grasp the one god and one goddess with many aspects thing, sorry. But in answer to the fluffy bunnies thing yes i think they are bringing down the reputation of the religion as a whole, because many in that path have become those and many people see those as being the normal people of the religion, which of course isnt true. They can be found in a number of authors and clog up the religion to the point where everything becomes a big mess. I have encountered some and the best i could do was to talk to them and attempt to open them up and tell them what they were doing was abit off and what needed to change for the better. They werent to happy about it but after awhile they finally changed and are proud and well respected members of their covens, when before the covens wouldnt let them in for how clogging they were.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I think that there is a big difference. The problem is that most "fluffies" call themselves "Eclectic," which confuses the issue. A fluffy is someone who has no grasp of history, and very little understanding of the Craft, but refuses to learn. They think that Wicca is whatever they want it to be, and that anyone who tells them otherwise is intolerant, judgemental, or dogmatic. They are, on the one hand, very close-minded to certain books, authors, and traditions that they erroneously think are "Dark," and on the other hand, so open-minded that their brains have fallen out. For some of them, Wicca is a political statement. For some it justifies their animosity against Christianity, or against Men, or against their parents, or against the "Normals" in general. For some it is fantasy fulfillment. It makes them feel like they have control in an otherwise overwhelming world where they previously felt completely powerless. Some have lost touch, to some extent, and think that they're living an episode of Charmed, or they can't tell the difference between Wicca and a D&D game -- the sorts of people who cast spells with a d20. Some fluffies are simply young dabblers -- some will grow out of it, and some will grow into it. Others are simply posers who are using the Craft to look cool. So the difference between an Eclectic and a Fluffy is whether or not you know what you're doing, or care to. An Eclectic takes an experimental approach to Magick, using what works from a variety of traditions. Eclecticism takes a lot of research, a lot of work. Fluffies often call themselves "Eclectic" because they think it excuses them from doing the research. But, as the old saying goes, you have to know the rules before you can break them.

  • Witchy
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    Bunny pie, anyone?

    Nah....I find it sad. I've never followed a Wiccan path but I find the representation that FB's portray to be so sad. I think about all of the seekers that they've led astray. I'm hearing about "ex-Wiccans" who have no idea what the religion of Wicca is about. If I can help and point them to reputable sources, I always try.

    So many long-time Wiccans have faded into the background in my area. They don't go to public events anymore. I really wish there were more Wiccan elders in public to guide them.

    I know that if they were misrepresenting my religion, I'd probably be on the warpath! As it is, I can be much more calm about it, and sometimes they will even listen. Then again, a person who tries to learn isn't a fluffy bunny.

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  • Jewel
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    1 decade ago

    I don't think they compose a greater proportion of "Wiccans" than they ever did--but we're more visible now, and so are they. There are also more of us, so there are more of them.

    I have encountered them...and I've found that they're rarer than you might think. Most of them that appeared to be fluffies at first, were actually just seriously ignorant, but positively starving for actual information. Their fluffiness greatly decreased after several exchanges of ideas and information.

    Sadly, there's not much to be done about the true fluffies. Because they refuse to learn, we can't teach them. All we can do is try to mitigate the damage they sometimes cause.

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    My favorite fluffy bunny comment: You can't do magic that you will personally benefit from. Jeez... That's from watching too much Charmed, I guess.

    The sweetness and light thing also gets me. They would literally have baby cows if they knew the deities/energies I have worked with. (I'm southern, and I have hoodoo in my blood!) The fluffy ones haven't yet learned about the balance between light and dark....

    When I encounter an FB, I try to educate and enlighten them. I reinforce that it is a lifestyle as much as a spiritual path, and that you literally never stop learning and evolving. I also warn against dabbling. Those are the ones that actually scare me a bit...

    I am always tolerant, respectful, and open. (Even if I am tempted to grit my teeth!) Fortunately, most fluffy bunnies move on to something else eventually.

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    I met a Fluffy Bunnie Before! :)

    We worked together in a restaurant, we were both dish washers (And both 16 years old!)

    Back then i was a Wiccan just like him, He was ALWAYS talking about the Burning times, and how much he hates Christians.

    I didn't really do anything about it, he was the only wiccan, outside my family, that i knew. I wanted to keep him as a friend LOL.

    He moved to Texas a few months ago.

    Source(s): "I told him that he was a Fluffy Bunny, he didn't really take offense, But i could tell that it hurt his feelings"
  • jess
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    1 decade ago

    I usually feel bad for them

    they're doing things, and saying they believe in them,

    for the wrong reasons.

    and it really hurts themselves more in the long run.

    True, sometimes they annoy me, I'm human you know? it happens. but the path is big enough for everyone, even those who don't realize yet that, not only are they not ON it to begin with, bu they'll lose their "faith" when they find something else to believe in. Until then I just wish them light and luck and guidance.

    Yes I've encountered one, a person I met through my best friend. She admitantly got on my nerves more than most. but part of that was b/c not only was she a fluffy. But she also had this attitude that she was "better" somehow than everyone else in ANY religion (including her self-professed one.) and that she knew more than anyone. Even though countless times in discussion, etc. she wouldn't have answers or real, unique opinions on things...

    so yea.

    There's not really much a person can do.

    I tolerated her,

    was a good friend to her,

    and tried to educate her when I wasn't imposing anything.

    Nice question :)

    Bright Blessings! )o(

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    I completely understand that everyone starts at the beginning. These are not what I think of when the term Fluff Bunnies is used. I apply that term to people who don't wish to learn beyond what little they know AND think they know all there is AND they encourage others to do the same. THAT is, to me, a fluff bunny.

    This type of "teacher", and I mean to say they are a poor example of a teacher, ruins some of the magick and mystique in new discovery and the adventure in exploring the self. They are, in any religion, stagnant beings and a danger to others.

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    Fluffy bunnies should grow up or get out of the way in my opinion. They confuse those of us still mastering ourselves, and it gets really annoying. Fortunately, I know a fluffy bunny from the real thing (so to speak here).

    I'm not sure I answered how you needed, I'm extrememly tired at the moment. Good luck and may Azna bless you!

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