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Yuki asked in HealthDental · 1 decade ago

Braces and Alternatives?

I'm 16 and am currently undergoing the pre-process to braces - right now I have spacers. My teeth fit tightly together, so it was literally a pain to get them in between my molars.

Add that to my seriously busy schedule (3 AP classes! Show Choir! Anywhere from 5-10 clubs!) I really don't want to have to show up every few weeks to get my wires tightened/fixed. I'm already p'o'ed that I had to miss a review for my AP class today.

My problems aren't very bad - slight crowding on the bottom incisors, a slight overbite, and some crowding on the top incisors.

What are the pros and cons for metal braces, ceramics, and Invisalign?

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    I was almost 18 when I got my braces on, and I know how you feel! You will usually get your wires changed every two months, so its not that big of a pain. Just try to schedule your appointments around your AP classes... I always tried to fit them in sometime around study hall or a super easy class. But that will only work if your ortho is really close to where you live. If you have a slight overbite, don't consider invisalign- they can only straighten teeth. Ceramic braces are meant to blend into your teeth more, but they are still evident on your teeth. Metal braces are probably the best choice, although you probably don't want to hear that! lol Best of luck!

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    At the age of 12, you are not a candidate for Invisalign, you have to have all of your adult teeth completely in to start with. If I were you, I would have a parent take you for a consultation with more than one orthodontist. Go to one that takes medicaid and one that does not to see if that has any bearing on your treatment plan. Most of them in our city do the consults for free, your area may be different. You sound like you have really paid attention and know a lot about your teeth. I disagree that a 1.5 mm crossbite is "okay" for a 12 year old. If you were 52, I would agree. Traditional braces are usually cheaper than Invisalign, and you can also get clear or tooth colored porcelain brackets now so they are not as noticeable. And if you did get traditional braces, you wouldn't be the only 12 year old out there with them. And you would more than likely have them off before 9th grade. Good luck.

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    Yuki...hit the medical websites...answers is unlikely to give you the insights you seek.

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