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What is the difference between carpet extractors and carpet cleaners? When should you use one over the other?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    i have 2 carpet cleaners, so to answer your question i would assume, one of mine flushes and sucks the water up and the other works on the notion that all debris has been lifted before use so just leaves a foam the slowly dissolves and takes marks and stains with it

  • 1 decade ago

    the extractor sprays water down into the carpet and then sucks it back up with the dirt, its the best way to clean,

    the shampoo'ers just spray the water/shampoo into the carpet and scrub it around, the shampoo'er is ok to use like if you have really filthy carpet / stained up and you need to let it soak awhile to get the stains up, but then you would have to go back with the steam extractor to really clean the carpet,

    also with the steam extractor you don't have to use shampoo every time, you can use just plain water to rinse the shampoo out, doing so keeps the carpet from getting so dirty so fast,

    when the shampoo is left in without rinsing it out, the carpet attracks more dirt and the dirt clings to the shampoo in the carpet, so that you would have to clean it more often but never really getting it clean,

    i use to run a full line floor store where we cleaned carpets, so i have years of professional experience in this,


  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    carpet tiles are awesome...and so easy to install--you just lay them down! they have rubber backing so they stay in place can get different colors and alternate your look, and change it up whenever you feel like it---or if you happen to spill something you can just replace that tile rather than get all new carpet. depending on the price, you can get real high quality (fluffy) carpet tiles. I'd go with the tiles

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