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Organization or agency to advise me on difficulties with AARP and Hartford Auto Insurance?

As a senior I am having difficulty with Hartford Auto Insurance. Long waits, complicated answers about the inflated amount I owe them when cancelling my policy. AARP who sponsors the insurance tells me they have no influence or control over them. When I ask AARP for complaint department or legal department (which they advise me they have) I meet with long holds and no assistance. I am concerned over the lack of honoring the integrity of the individual and irresponsiblity to the needs of the older person, specifically me.

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    Right, AARP has no influence. If you bought the insurance DIRECTLY from Hartford, you have no agent. Hartford sells directly, but they ALSO sell through agents. If you bought through an agent, go to your agent for help. Otherwise, you ARE your agent.

    Complaints to AARP are going to do NOTHING. They can't make Hartford do anything.

    You need to complain to your State Insurance Department, in writing. Some states will let you do the complaint over the internet. Some make you write it in.

    Of course, your AGENT should be the first person to help you - unless you bypassed the agent system.

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    I have been epileptic since I was in the first grade. I can not even get the AARP to stop sending me the advertisements for car insurance. I called them and they promised to stop sending them, but it would take six months. It has been over a year and they are still coming.

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    check with your state insurance commissioners office--each state has one!!!

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    all the reviews i have read on the i sound like they were written by competitors

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