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Die Hard 4一問15pts

唔該我想要Die Hard 4的英文大綱



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    An attempted security breach on an FBI facility system is successful, and computer hackers are assassinated by the terrorist mastermind Thomas Gabriel (Timothy Olyphant) instead of being paid for their collaboration. The FBI, unaware of the killings, dispatches NYPD detective John McClane (Bruce Willis) to visit a known hacker, Matthew Farrell (Justin Long), as part of their investigation regarding the breach. Gabriel's henchmen attempt to assassinate McClane and Farrell, but their targets escape. McClane transports Farrell to the FBI's Washington DC headquarters and its head, Assistant Director Bowman (Cliff Curtis), in the midst of a shutdown of the traffic system in DC. The stock market is manipulated shortly afterward, causing it to crash.

    McClane is ordered to take Farrell into protective custody, and Gabriel sends more henchmen to kill the pair. McClane and Farrell evade their assassins again, and as the country's infrastructure is threatened with a major break down, Farrell tells McClane the terrorists are initiating a fire sale and that major utilities would be next. The detective and the hacker travel to a power hub in West Virginia to defend it, finding that the terrorists are already there. McClane battles terrorists while Farrell undoes the damage done to the computer system. They are contacted by Gabriel, who finds out that McClane has killed his lover Mai Linh (Maggie Q) and angrily re-routes gas lines to destroy the hub in a gas explosion. The McClane and Farrell escape once more, and on Farrell's advice, the pair visit his hacker friend the Warlock (Kevin Smith) for help. At the Warlock's home, they find out about Gabriel's background and attempt to hack into the terrorist's systems. Gabriel contacts the detective at the Warlock's home via webcam, and he shows that he has McClane's daughter Lucy (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) as a hostage. While McClane distracts Gabriel in conversation, the Warlock determines Gabriel's location, at a hijacked NSA building. Lucy is then taken hostage and Gabriel ties her hands up.

    McClane and Farrell travel to the NSA building, and the detective combats terrorists while Farrell discovers and tries to undo Gabriel's plan to steal backup financial information from servers in the building. Farrell is able to lock the terrorists out of their server hack, rendering the task incomplete, and he is taken by the terrorists. With McClane after them, Gabriel and his henchmen flee the building with their hostages. McClane manages to hijack one of the escaping trucks and pursues Gabriel and the hostages. Gabriel renders a hack to deceive the pilot of a F-35B Lightning II STOVL jet to attack McClane's truck. The jet engages McClane and a fight breaks out, ending with the pilot ejecting himself and McClane falling onto it and jumping to safety just as it explodes. He tracks Gabriel to a warehouse, where the terrorist is forcing Farrell to undo the encryption at gunpoint. McClane is shot upon arrival and Gabriel says that he will kill them when it's over. Prodding McClane's wound with a gun, Gabriel taunts "on your tombstone will read, always in the wrong place at the wrong time". McClane then delivers the catchphrase, "how about, Yippee-Ki-Yay, mother*****er?", and squeezes the trigger, firing a bullet through his shoulder and through Gabriel's chest, killing Gabriel instantly. Farrell jumps up and shoots the thug holding Lucy just as backup arrives along with paramedics who tend to their wounds.

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    Hacker Matt Farrell, not knowing who he is working for, finishes work on a computer program and sends it to Mai Linh, who advises her boss and lover, Thomas Gabriel, that they can now proceed with their evil plan. The criminal mastermind begins killing hackers by exploding their computers remotely, and commencing the initial stages of a computer attack on US government networks.

    Elsewhere, a young couple is making out in a car. Detective John McClane breaks it up; the girl turns out to be his estranged daughter Lucy. She leaves in a huff, refusing to acknowledge her father's last name but calling herself instead by her mother's maiden name, Gennaro. Meanwhile, The FBI command center's computers are momentarily interrupted, leading Deputy Director Bowman to order a roundup of all the hackers who could conceivably have been involved. McClane is sent to pick up Farrell, and his arrival interrupts Gabriel's remote detonation of Farrell's computer. Gabriel's assassins have the apartment under surveillance, and open fire. McClane kills several thugs who enter the apartment. The thugs finally blow up Farrell's computer, destroying the apartment. McClane and Farrell escape down the fire escape, McClane killing various henchmen on the way and Farrell marvelling at McClane's heroics.

    McClane makes it to Washington DC with his charge. At the temporary FBI office, Farrell notices the pictures of the dead hackers on the wall. Farrell and McClane are redirected by the FBI to another office so that Farrell can be interrogated. While they are on their way to the the new office, Gabriel begins downloading a huge quantity of significant data from some mysterious government source onto his own computers, and shuts down the network controlling the traffic signals. Chaos on the roads ensues. McClane, Farrell, and their police escort attempt to contact the police to have a route opened for them, but have their radio communication intercepted by Gabriel and Linh, who direct them to an ambush. McClane suspects their communication has been intercepted, tests Linh by asking her a trick question, and reveals he knows she's a fake. Gabriel gets on the radio and advises McClane he knows everything about him, and wipes out his 401K. Our heroes attempt to evade the ambush, but are set upon by helicopter. McClane and Farrell escape the ambush in a cop car, and are chased into a tunnel by the helicopter. Gabriel opens the traffic on both sides of the tunnel, sandwiching our heroes in a massive pileup in the middle. McClane drives the cop car straight out of the tunnel and jumps at the last second, launching the car into the helicopter and killing the thugs.

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    The paragraph is not finished yet, coz it's too long, please go to the link page to watch it

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    On the Fourth of July weekend, an attack on the vulnerable United States infrastructure begins to shut down the entire nation. The mysterious figure behind the scheme has figured out every modern angle…but he never figured on John McClane (Bruce Willis) – the old-school "analog" fly in the "digital" ointment. It’s the beginning of the holiday, but New York City Detective McClane isn’t celebrating. He’s had yet another argument with his college-age daughter Lucy, and received a crushingly routine assignment to bring in a young hacker, Matt Farrell, for questioning by the FBI. But for McClane, the ordinary has a habit of exploding into the extraordinary – abruptly hurtling him into the wrong place at the wrong time. With Farrell’s help, McClane slowly begins to understand the increasing chaos surrounding him. An attack is underway on the vulnerable United States infrastructure, shutting down the entire nation. The mysterious figure behind the scheme, Thomas Gabriel, stays several moves ahead of McClane as he implements his incredible plans, known to uber-geeks like Farrell as a “fire sale” (as in, everything must go!).

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