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"press ahead with"點解?

The villagers accused the governments of pressing ahead with building even after problems became evident. 點解?

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    press on/ahead (CONTINUE) phrasal verb

    to start or continue doing something in a determined way, often despite problems:

    It was pouring with rain, but we pressed on regardless.

    The government is pressing ahead with its plans to reorganize the health service.


    Source(s): cambirdge online dictionary
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    press ahead with : to continue doing something in a determined way

    je 係, 有一個好堅定ge立場去繼續完成一樣野

    而成句ge解釋係: 村民責難政府雖然已有多種問題的證據,但他仍然繼續堅持他的樓宇計劃。

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    sorry, 係責備, 唔係責難

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