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The women on Take Home Chef?

Has anyone noticed that the women on Take Home Chef are almost always more attractive than their husbands/boyfriends? It's interesting to guess what the woman's significant other will look like. In the episode I just watched, the woman was in blonde, in shape and pretty.. and her husband had a receding hairline, was plump and not very tall. (Although he wasn't ugly). Anyway, has anyone else noticed this trend?


That would be hilarious! I'd watch that. The tall basketball player girl and Curtis had some serious chemistry, they were sizzlin' in the kitchen! Haha

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  • JN
    Lv 4
    1 decade ago
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    95% of the women Curtis stalks are drop-dead gorgeous, so it would be all but impossible for their husbands/boyfriends to be more attractive.

    The trend I've noticed is the flirtiness of the women. A real episode would be Curtis having an affair with the stalkee and getting his a** whooped when the husband/boyfriend comes home early.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    So true and previous post is on the money as well lol...also noticed that every home seems to be absolutely spot less. Please, as if there isn't a few dishes in the sink when someone runs out to the grocery store or a few toys cluttering the living room.

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