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What ever did happen to JJ Redick?

He used to be the talk of the nation and I haven't heard anything about him since, and what happened to Morrison who was his top competetor of player of the year?

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    JJ Redick got the shooting touch, got the scorer mentality but he's a bit undersized at 2-spot. He's only 6'4" and he can be outpowered by taller, more athletic shooting guards. He was also injured during the 1st half of the season that's why we can grade him incomplete. Maybe if he will be given the minutes this coming season, he can contribute.

    Adam Morrison somewhat struggle last season due to poor shooting selection and decreasing playing time as the season progresses. Like Redick, he got the scorer mentality, he just needs to relax a bit, must improve his defense and play starter's minutes in order to contribute to Bobcats cause.

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    In spite of "" claim the JJ Redick is one of the best shooter of all time! To the rest of us he's just another Duke Player that was in good in college but questionable as a pro. JJ played in 42 games last year and averaged 6 points. I don't know what to attribute his limited appearances to.

    Adam Morrison shot poorly from 2 point range and sub par from 3 point range. He scored 917 point and played in 78 games while starting 23 of those games. I would look for Morrison to be more and more productive as the years go by.

    As for JJ he seems like the prototypical "Duke" player. I don't know how he's going to work out. I'm not sure that it looks very good.

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    JJ Redick plays for the Orlando Magic and Adam Morrison plays for the Charlotte Bobcats.

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    Reddick sat out most of the year due to injuries that never really got him going. He did not make any noise at all with the Orlando Magic.

    However, in my humble opinion, JJ's going to be the Most Improved Player of the Year! Bet on it!

    The coaching staff of the Orlando Magic should give JJ the confidence that coach K gave him in college. If you are a shooter in'll be a shooter in the pros as well (check out Kerr). your stroke doesn't change although the defense does as it becomes more physical. but as a shooter, all you need is a quick good look at the basket with the ball in your hands. JJ has one of the best, if not the best stroke when shooting a J!

    Redick wins Most Improved Player Award!

    Source(s): Adam Morrison...i never liked ballers with long hairs...he's a decent player who doesn't play D!
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    Reddick was a rookie last year with orlando, he had a tough time adjusting to the pace of the nba thus he struggled to get minutes. He had a disapointing rookie year on top of dui charge before the season started. He still plays for orlando, expect to see alot more of him this upcoming season. I think he will do alot better. His personal assistant Ian, was a childhood friend of mine. They were both roomates at Duke. Ian played on the soccer team whill jj played on the basketball team. I talk to ian regularly he says jj's workout with the team are great, and that he's adjusting comfortably to the nba. Expect a much better season out JJ in 2008

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    JJ's been promised more playing time this coming season. So look out for him to steal some shine (hopefully) from Dwight and Rashard.

    Morrison, on the other hand, got the playing time at the start of last season. But the shooting woes and jitters did not help him warrant the coaching staff's confidence in him.

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    Reddick is in Orlando, and Morrison is with the Bobcats, Morrison is considered a bust since they went out and got Jason Richardson to steal his spot. Reddick has showed some promise, but is struggling. College is much different from the pros, and they havent adapted well.

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    JJ is playing for orlando. Adam morrison is on the Bobcats.

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    well both reddick and Morrison had bad rookie seasons. the expectation level was too high on adam and he in a way choked. as for JJ he was injury plaguedand also he hasnt found his way into the magic's rotation yet

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    jj was awesome in college, i loved him.

    however, he is only a good shooter.

    at the nba level, he cannot dribble well and cannot be a good guard. So jj is just on the bench of the magic.

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