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how many times a day do you use baking soda to whiten teeth?

I wanted to try using baking soda to whiten my teeth, but how many times a day should I use it?

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    My dentist told me that you shouldn't use baking soda more than once a week because it is abrasive to the teeth and you are gradually wearing the enamel away. You'd be better using a peroxide based bleaching kit.

    Source(s): My dentist.
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    You can put some baking soda into a small container that has a tight fitting lid. Just dip your wet toothbrush into the baking soda and brush your teeth after meals the same as you would with regular toothpaste. Be sure to rinse your mouth and not swallow the baking soda. Also, floss your teeth before your brush and use a good toothbrush that isn't too hard and do an effective brushing. Also brush your tongue and the inside of your cheeks to help cleanse your entire mouth. The baking soda works slowly, but will whiten your teeth. You should have sweet smelling breath when finished along with gleaming teeth. If you smoke or drink lots of tea or strong coffee you may need a toothpaste made especially for smokers as it will help to take the yellowing off your teeth. Try the baking soda first as it is much cheaper than the toothpaste!

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    Everytime you brush your teeth, put your tooth brush in a little bit of baking soda, then put some tooth paste on it. 2 times a day, is more like it. But, check with your dentist. Before your appointment to the dentist, tell him you were using baking soda on your teeth and see what he says. It should be after every meal, as well. You could, also, use plain baking soda. It makes your teeth white and gets rid of stains. This is what I would recommend, even though I've only tried this once. It helps, a lot.

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    Baking soda only whitens teeth by scrubbing them.

    Like when you use Comet cleanser in the sink---it's gritty and that's what scrubs the sink down.

    That being said---I do this once a week and ONLY once a week: I dip my dry clean toothbrush into a capful of hydrogen peroxide, and then dip THAT into a bit of baking soda I poured into my hand (about a teaspoon). Then I gently brush my teeth. It'll foam up and taste yucky--dont swallow--but it really brightens up the smile.

    Use ONLY a soft toothbrush. And only once a week.

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    It's not a tooth whitener, per se. It's a mild abrasive, and it can freshen your breath... or your laundry, carpet, sock drawer, whatever. When you brush your teeth with it, you're polishing surface stains away. It's kinda hard on your gums after a while, so I'd maybe only use it a couple of times a week tops.

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    You don t want to brush too many times with baking soda because it will wash away your enamel you should do it about twice every two weeks

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    I've heard it should be used no more than 3 times a week. Otherwise it can damage teeth enamel.

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    I think it's once a day but asking your dentist would be the best choice. Don't listen to the people on here because we're not experts and we can't be held responsible for any damage.

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    every time you normal brush your teeth like maybe in the morning and after dinner and after every meal you can brush them.

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    ive never used it straight up, ive bought tooth paste with it already included

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