Job is in demand now...?

This is my first time I look for the job. I have no idea on Typing Speed. I mean Typing Speed should be filled in personally or based on any document or certificate that shows how fast we type? What is a good typing speed on the job application? would this number WPM be recognized by anyone before we can fill out the job application?

Thanks and sorry for bothering you to help me with this question. If you know any more info on this matter, please let me know.

1 more thing, what is Shorthand speed?

lol other thing, what categories should I put in "OTHER SPECIFIC SKILLS"...(NOTE:I could speak other language other than English)

If I have no previous experience, should I put N/A or leave the blank in "Work Experience, Employer...reasons for leaving" ?

This is job is "Peer Counselor" at college...

give me more advice please...I really need this job cuz I am desperately in need for money to pay for my college...I do not want to messed up with financial stuff for my college at all.

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    Take a typing test online.

    Should be free at:

    They will all give you a WPM average.

    If you don't know shorthand, do not put a speed down.

    If you lie on a job application, it is grounds to be terminated (fired) on your new position.....

    List any job or none if you didn't work before. If this is an on-campus job at your college, they will accept workers without much experience. They are used to that :-)!

    Also your college should have a career center, they can better help you on specifics than YA. They can review your resume and cover letter and critique it for improvements needed.......As well as give you other places to apply for a job during college.

    Good luck!

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    WPM stands for "words per minute", that is, how many words you can type, without mistakes, per minute. Don't lie about this because they will test you and if you don't type what you put down it will look bad for you.

    The same with shorthand speed. That is the speed per minute you can take shorthand. If you have no idea what shorthand is then you don't fulfill this job requirement.

    Two languages are very good to put on a resume or application.

    It's OK to put N/A or leave sections blank that do not apply to you.

    I'm not sure but it sounds like this job may require skills that you do not have. There are other jobs out there so don't panic. Have you tried applying as an RA (Residence Advisor) in the dorms on campus? It may be a good fit for you.

    I wish you well as you try to get a job.

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    WPM, Words per minute. To give you an idea, 25 WPM would be two finger typing. 30 - 45 WPM wouuld be the typing skills of a secretary. I doubt for Peer Counselor they will need a highly skilled typist, they probably just want to know if you can handle a computer.

    Shorthand speed is how fast you write by hand.

    Other Skills, this includes other languages, skills that you think might be an asset to the job.

    Never leave Work Experience blank. Any work counts, even unpaid work like volunteering.

    Good Luck =)

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