I just had a little baby... Names?

I want something that will stand out. this is my second child. My first past away from lung cancer about 6 months. I hope you give me good names for my baby. He is 7 lbs. 6 oz. I love him to death, Can you give me any suggestions.


my daughter died at age 15 and with me she will always stand... She was my baby girl... She died on.... february 3rd 2007

Update 2:

Her name was Samantha. This was her old account.

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    mattew, ryan, devlin, bryson, jonas, drake, zachary, dylan, cole, benjamin, jaron, johnny, joey, joel. joseph, jackes, jackson, jay, jason, jeffrey, alexander, ryan, maro, mark, nick, bobby. erik, adam, arron, mitchel, smith, samuel, johson, williams, kenny, kenneth, kennedy, keith, kyle, davis, daivd, daniel, danny, douglas, wilson, taylor, timothy, tommy, jagannath, jesse, george, kyler, sam, gabriel, gabe, brody, steve, maylinn, murray, jayden, sean, richard, jaleel, james, jamal, josie, lance, rick, eric, edward, wally, warren, camdran, charles, kent, vincent, teddy, samson, rod, stewart, chad, chris, christopher, christian, jesus, cameron, frank, cory, phlippe, philip, Lenny, derek, derrek, idel, greg, peter, patrick, nathan, dennis, Dj, burton, carter, bates, billy,

    dominic, trevor, justin, dustin, don, doug, pater, ximen, moe, michael, mitch, bradley, brandson, brad, bruce, carlo, carols,

    kevin, shawn, dawns, hudson, hansen. tony, watne, craig, kelley, josh, joshua, angel, daviso, jim, thomas, shane, stephine, scott, arthur, anthony, jonathan, Lousie, blaire, stephen, brian, domingo, Lopez, julian, paul, ronlda, donald, matt, gregory, johnathan, damon, robby, robert. carmen, travis. ricky,

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    Im sorry for hearing this! I hope God blesses you and your family with this new baby! Samuel? So you can remember Samantha...or maybe not...




    I just noticed your lying!! i read your previous questions!!! youre 16! and you are the pregnant one! LIAR!

    Y did u make up such a horrible lie? u should be ashamed!


    you just had a daughter 4 months ago? how did you just have a son?? ur lying and cant even hide it! and you had "breast cancer" and now "died" of Lung cancer?? oh get the *** out of here!

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    Patrick Aaron

  • If your daughter Samantha died in February 2007 and you're using her old account, how come she's opened an account in April of this year when she was supposed to be dead??

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    I am so sorry about your daughter. I know how it feels to lose a baby, my daughter Lucy died at age 3. For your new baby, I would suggest James, Reese, Christopher, Jake, Luke, Michael, Lance, Connor, Collin, and Caleb. I hope this helps and my prayers are with you.

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    You didn't mention what your daughter's name was but maybe you could use the masculine form of it in rememberance of her for your new baby. Or you could also use the same initials for your baby boy that your daughter had except giving him a different name starting with the same letters.

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    1. Ajay...unconquerable 2. Ambrose...immortal 3. Dakarai...happiness 4. Dante... enduring, lasting, steadfast. God bless you. What was your daughter's name. Maybe their is a way to include a male form of her name in his. I am sure she is looking down on her baby brother right now with a smile on her face.

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    First Sorry for all of your resent losses they are all in a better place now (heaven)How about christian? if it was a girl hope? the choice is yours good luck

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    I like the name Zayden Gage or Jeddly Roade.

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    Ethan , Michael, Luca, Kian , Ashton... those are very beautiful names!!! I wish you the best of lucks with your new baby!!!

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