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Down syndrome?

What is down syndrome?

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    down syndrome is a genetic anomoly that occurs in 1 out of 800 live births. it can happen to any woman at any age, though studies have shown that the risks increase with age. down syndrome is caused by an excess 21st chromosome. and affects all cells in the body. though Mosaics DS has only an extra chromosome in some of the cells. characteristics of DS include: shorter in stature, eyes that are upturned slightly, broader nose and not a really defined bridge, ears set lower on the head and turned outward at the top, larger tongue, shorter pallet, thicker fungal fold (back of the neck), pinkie on the hand might be slightly bent, shorter thicker fingers and toes, simean crease (solid line that runs across the palm of the hand), sometimes congenital heart defects such as av-canal or VSD, intestinal problems, flat feet, loose joints which attribute to low muscle tone, developmental delays, sandal toe (large gap between the big tow and the second toe) and brushfield spots ( white specs in the iris of the eye...looks like their eyes sparkle) I think that is about it from what I can remember. I want you to understand though that people with DS do not have to have all of these characteristics. they vary from each individual to the next and do inherit features from their parents as well. but the main thing to remember about down syndrome is that people born with this condition are not defined by it....they are first and foremost people...they love, learn, laugh, have friends and can be productive members of society. hope this helped answer your question.

    Source(s): mom to a little boy with DS
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    This link will give you a perfect definition of what down syndrome is. I have a 4 year old son with Downs and he is awesome. It was a little shocking when he was born, but now I wouldn't want him any other way.

    Some other great sites are

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    It's a chromosome deficiency that has mental and physical characteristics like broad nose and forehead, widely-spaced eyes, enlarged tongue, enlarged and short fingers and toes, distorted body growth, impaired judgment, impaired learning abilities, slow learning development, and smaller brain.

    Source(s): Was a Biology major in college.
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    And when they grow up they can become police officers.

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    A learning disorder where people are less intellegent than the average person.

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      maybe YOU are less intelligent than the average person, not a person with DS

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    you can find the answers here:

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