What is the best recipe, that isn't too complicated for salmon, beef, or chicken?

I'm making my boyfriend dinner Saturday night, and have never cooked for him. I don't want to spend all day in the kitchen, but I still wanna' impress him. He's a "meat and potatoes" guy, but loves seafood too. There are a million websites that have tons of stuff, but I want one that I KNOW is good, one that someone would recomend because they love it.

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    Get two t-bones and a head of lettuce and throw it on the grill and make him a salad. He'll be impressed w/the choice of meat and he'll love your basic simplicity, and chances are he'll take over and show you how he likes his steak cooked.

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    OK. This will be great. First, take 4 chicken breasts with skin, paprika, fresh garlic...8 cloves chopped, 1 large lime, salt, pepper liberally...and basil. clean chicken, then grab a large plastic bag. Season the chicken really well, and then throw int he bag. Throw the garlic, squeeze the lime, and maybe even a little chopped onion into the bag. Shake it, and let sit 1 hour. Put it in a baking dish, at 400 covered for about 40 min or until really tender. Then, take the foil off and broil for 15 min or so or until chicken gets nice and crispy on the outside. Make a bed of butter rice, and a crisp salad. For dessert, you can bake some easy brownies....and top with good ole vanilla ice cream. After dinner? Well...I'm sure you both will find something to do. I hope you choose this, because it's really tasty. Good luck.

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    The best way to cook salmon - on the grill, skin side down, smother "fish" side in butter and honey...let cook for about 7-10 minutes. It will have great flavor.

    The easiest meat and potatoes - a beef roast and potatoes in the crock pot. get a beef roast, whatever cut you want - you can ask the butcher - brown each side so the juices stay locked in, place in crock pot, pour in 1 cup of water, 1 pkg of dry onion soup mix and place potatoes all around. You can peel them or I like to use red potatoes because the skin is so think it can be left on. Add some carrots, large chunks of onion, any other veggies you want. The longer you cook the roast the better it will be. I usually cook my roasts on high for 6-8 hours. It will give off juice that you can use for gravy for the meant and the potatoes. It's yummy!

    Good luck!

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    This is a recipe that I love making.. My grandma showed me this one.

    Italian herb lemon chicken

    4 chicken breast or thighs ( I use thighs cause it's not as dry)

    In a mixing bowl combine

    olive oil - just enough to coat chicken (eyeball it)

    2-3 juice of a lemon

    garlic salt

    pinch of salt/ fresh ground pepper


    italian seasonings or herb de porvonce (either on is good)

    and a good hand full of choped up celantro.

    and any other herbs you might like in the dish.

    Mix all seasonings and then add chicken in bowl and coat each one good.

    You can either bake this or grill even on a pan.. I've tried all ways'

    I like cooking it in a pan if I'm using thights.

    Also get some fresh green bean and clean and boil in water just enough so that it's not to soft but just right.. then add to another pan.

    Olive oil and chopped garlic

    Put the green beans in after drained and sautee

    salt/pepper for taste..

    really good.

    Mash potatoes or baked potato is really good with this dish..

    Good luck hope you like

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    My boyfriend loves his meat & taters & the rarer the better on the meat. He loves my salmon on the grill & it is so simple it almost cooks itself!!

    Take a nice salmon filet & marinate in spicy italian dressing & minced garlic for about an hour. Make a tray of aluminum foil & place salmon skin side down, then grill over hot coals til meat is pink & starts to flake. I like to serve with garlic mushroom rice, grilled corn & grilled asparagus. Homemade garlic bread is a must & some melted garlic butter for dipping the salmon if you prefer......Turns out great & best of all, you're not stuck in a hot kitchen all day so you have more time to spend with your honey!

    Source(s): Georgia girl - me!
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    Salmon Fillets.

    Lightly salt fillet. Place a knob of butter on a medium high heat, ribbed fry pan, and when it stops sizzling add fillet skin side down.

    As it cooks you will see it changing colour and when it is about 1/3 cooked, carefully turn.

    Cook until a further 1/3 is cooked and remove to a warmed plate and cover with foil.

    Add some more butter and some fresh herbs:-

    Fennel: for an aniseed taste.



    Let cook for a few minutes and remove from heat. The cast iron will keep it warm.

    The below site is a great inspiration for me.

  • Beef:

    Marinate beef for about 24 hours, longer isbetter. Make the marinadeof garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper, hot sauce, and chopped rosemary. Then, put it on a grill. Serve this with an oven roasted sweet potato, bake for about an hour,and put some butter, cinamon, honey, salt, and pepper on top. Also serve with a vegeatble dish. If you don't think he'll like the swee potato, then just make some regular mashed potatoes with butter, parmesan cheese, and milk with salt and peper.


    Go to the fish market at your grocery store, and as for some salmon fillets. If they have the skin on them, ask them to peel it for you. Then, season both sides with salt, pepper, and sear both sides on a skillet of butter and oil. Then, place in the oven, to finish baking, and place at the bottom of the oven, just to keep warm till he comes. Then, make some steamed vegetables,and serve the salmon on top of the bed of vegetables. Then, serve a vichysoisse on the side. It's Russian soup, made of potatoes. It can be served cold, room temperature, or hot, and it may sound hard, but it's just throwing a bunch of ingredients in the blender, and pouring it into a bowl.


    Buy a whole chicken, cut into a different pieces with the skin. Add some salt, pepper, and garlic powder to each piece, and put a basil leaf under the skin. Grill the, and then bake the in the oven, and place them on the bottom of the oven to stay warm till he comes.

    You can make herb- roasted potatoes, by just cutting those baby potatoes in half, and putting oil, salt, pepper, and a bunch of dried herbs on them, and bake for an hour.

    And serve with some asparagus that you tossed with sugar, and grilled.

    Hope you have a fun night!

  • Salad that's easy, Bagged Salad add cucumbers, tomato's or any other toppings you may like (croutons, sunflower seeds, cheese, etc.)

    Heat and Serve Rolls prepare according to the directions on package. Consider suggestions that may also be on packaging it adds a nice touch. If your male friend likes his meat med-rare he will enjoy the rolls for getting the juice's off the plate.

    Preheat grill or frying pan medium heat. (...I'm a "on the grill" kinda-cook also (as most men are)...but most women don't own a grill)

    That 16oz. Rib eye sounds good, start with that. The closer you can get to the recommend expiration date the better it will taste. To prepare the meat place a piece of wax paper (2-3 x larger then your meat) on your counter top and put the meat on that. Lightly Sprinkle with pepper and season salt to taste. Massage the seasoning into the meat with your fingers (do-not pound the meat) you will feel the meat "relax" under your fingers. Turn the meat over and repeat the process. Wrap the meat in the wax paper and set aside.

    Fake Baked Potato's: Take 2-3 potato's and wash with a veggie brush to remove any dirt that may be on the potato. (do not remove skin its good for you) Cut into 3/4 to 1 inch cubes and place into a glass casserole dish. add 2-3 Tbsp of butter or margarine. Cover and microwave on high for 7 minutes. Place meat on grill or in pan. when potato's are finished turn meat remove potato's from microwave and Lightly season with pepper and season salt to taste, mix seasoning and butter with potato's, cover and return to microwave for another 7 minutes.

    Note: Depending on the thickness of you meat you may have to cook it a little longer.

    When potato's are done your ready to eat. Leave potato's covered until ready to serve they will continue to cook in the heat that is trapped in the casserole dish. (Sour Cream, Ranch Dressing, or Blue Cheese Dressing are good on the potato's)

    It usually takes me about 30-40 minute's to prepare this meal and set the table.

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    ...I'm on "on the grill" kinda-cook (as most men are)... and all of those are easy to cook on the grill... a great Rib-eye with baked potato and a big tossed salad with ranch dressing will sent him right where you want'um ...get a 16oz. Rib eye (yeah it's big but that's what works)... do you grill cook...? you can write me... my profile has an e-mail link...

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    salmon or chicken with thai curry and rice.

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