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Help with a good sports bra (ample bosomed people)?

I am trying to work out more and the bras I currently have are not giving me the support I need. For reference I am a 34DD. What is a good brand to buy?


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    You might have to double up on bras.

    When you try them on make sure you jump and jiggle around to make sure your breasts are staying put. If they aren't you need a smaller or better bra.

    Before you do that though, get professionally sized at Nordstroms JCPenneys or Sears (NOT victoria secret they size incorrectly). Use that size as a guideline since different brands of bras can be different sizes (i.e one bra you are a 34DD another you are a 34D).

    Source(s): bra wearer 22 years. used to be a 38J and got a reduction.
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    I also tend to have the same problem as you- my personal favorites are any form of nike. But what i usually do is layer 2 sports bras. One never seems to give enough support but 2 works pretty well. If thats not good enough i know people who do 2 sports bras and then the tankini sports bra over. Hope that helps.

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    Stop the layering! This company - which has the BEST sports clothes for girls - has about 8 billion different types of bras for every body type. They sell the only bra that's ever stopped the "bounce". Check out their site linked below---I hated layering two bras, and was so happy when I found them.

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