Work Politics - How do I go over my bosses head without hurting my job?

We have an inefficiency in my department that I know can be easily fixed, yet my boss, who is belabored by SOX compliancy, believes that we need to jump through hoops to please our auditors. When I asked my boss' boss in an indirect format he agreed with my solution. How do I go over my boss' head without hurting my job/career?

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    Going over boss's head can be extremely risky career move in any enterprise.

    SOX compliance is expensive and inefficient compared to how things were done before, where a company trusted a few people to get things done effiently, and in a few cases, at some companies, those few people compromised integrity.

    If you have a solution, which can solve needs of your company, and is still compliant with SOX, and you can explain this to both your boss and to the auditors, so that they can see it is an improvement, while still SOX compliant, then it makes sense to me that you need not go over your boss head.

    The way your question is phrased, sounds to me you are proposing something that others might feel would violate SOX, and you think your boss's boss might rank efficiency as higher than SOX-compliance.

    That is a huge gamble. Depends on the company. A manager who has not yet been involved in an incident of non-compliance, or computer security breach, might approve a scheme to put the company at greater risk in the interests of efficiency & profits. That is generally the more popular role of many managers today, but as more and more such managers end up in jail for taking that course of action, and more and more lower level people lose their jobs because of this, it becomes less popular.

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