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Another wrestler gone?

What is going on in the world of wrestling? Brain Adas is dead now too. Seriously what gives?


Sorry I meant Brian Adams.

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    was no "summer of 69"

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    OK, I'm tired of this. Benoit died. Yes, it was horrible. Yes, I still love him. Yes, I still respect him. But the media sure as heck doesn't! Crush died. They don't know why. He just stopped breathing. I read the article, and it said "Adams' death comes less than two months after Canadian pro wrestler Chris Benoit killed his wife and son before hanging himself on the cable of a weight machine in his Georgia home. Prescription anabolic steroids were found in the family's home, raising questions about whether the drugs played a role in the killings. "

    Why do they feel the need to drag Benoit into everything? The doctors already said that steroid DID NOT play a role! And it said "Less than two months after the death of wrestler Chris Benoit, another ex-WWE star dies"

    Why? That's like saying that once an american killed someone. Less than a month later, another american died of unknown cause but fowl play was not suspected!!

    Sorry, I feel very strongly about this.

    If you wanna read the article, by the way, and you haven't, here's the link:

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    Well on it said that he may have chocked on his own Vomit. I didn't even know that was possible. He hadn't wrestled in a while though.

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    i know they need to cut down on the steroids


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