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What I wanna know is; Whats the difference between people hunting deer out there and Michael Vick's dog fights

Why is it okay to hunt the poor innocent deer and other animals and eat them for dinner but there is such a big deal about this dog fighting. Why is deer hunting looked at as a sport but dog fighting is a crime punishable with prison time? Is it possible that because the majority of hunters are caucasion and the people who have dog fights are minorities. They have trophies for animal hunters and some people even hand the deer heads in their living rooms. I think both are wrong and if Michael Vick has to do jail time for gog fighting, hunters should also do jail time because both are cruelty to animals.

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    It is not cruel to the deer, unless of course the hunter misses the kill shot and the deer is only wounded. However, that hunter will find the wounded deer and end it's suffering, and he takes the meat home for the dinner table. It is the same as slaughtering cattle, hogs, chickens, etc, for the supermarket. The animals do not get beaten to death in a ring with people betting on who will win. That is what a dog fight is, and it is a cruel and terrible thing to behold.

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    Should all meat eaters do jail time? We kill cows, pigs, chickens, etc. ,. . and eat them all the time. Those that hunt for wild game to eat it are not doing anything wrong. It's not just the sport - they like to eat deer, rabbit, etc. I fish because I enjoy fishing but I enjoy eating the fish even more.

    Dog fights have no purpose. What do the dogs get out of all their work? It is solely for the entertainment of people and only benefits those who are getting money for their dog. The dog gets nothing other than bit to death. Yeah, that's a great sport. I'm not a boxing or wrestling fan, either. But at least those guys are profiting from their beatings unlike the dogs who are taking a beating for their owner to get money.


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    That is just the thing people have been hunting since the beginning of time, Vick isn't eating these dogs or even shooting them to put them out of misery. There is no comparison period. I hope he burns in H&#@.

  • Anonymous
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    He didn't eat the dogs after killing them.

    I don't complain to vegans. I respect their choice. You should respect mine to be an omnivore.

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