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What I wanna know is; Whats the difference between people hunting deer out there and Michael Vick's dog fights

Why is it okay to hunt the poor innocent deer and other animals and eat them for dinner but there is such a big deal about this dog fighting. Why is deer hunting looked at as a sport but dog fighting is a crime punishable with prison time? Is it possible that because the majority of hunters are caucasion and the people who have dog fights are minorities. They have trophies for animal hunters and some people even hand the deer heads in their living rooms. I think both are wrong and if Michael Vick has to do jail time for gog fighting, hunters should also do jail time because both are cruelty to animals.

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    Hunters are not torturing the deer, they just kill them quick and easy. They put the head up because you dont eat the head and it looks cool to some people. Vick is an idiot for letting the fights happen on his property, weather he is black or white. If it was Brady, he would be getting ready to jail time too.

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    Whoa! Okay, there is quite a substantial amount of difference. I don't agree with the "dogs are pets" thing: they're all animals, they're all sentient beings with a right to live. BUT...

    Dog fighting is the epitome of cruel. Two equally matched dogs (or maybe one is stronger) go head to head and fight for their lives. They are both seriously injured, and it's a slow, nasty experience of pain and terror for both dogs. Dogs trained to be mean are also mean to humans, and give their species a bad name. The people who watch the dogs are in it for the money. They treat the dogs badly and want them to get hurt. If a dog loses it can be flogged.

    Deer hunting is when someone goes out into the wilds, into the world of the deer, with a gun. He respects nature and knows how it works. He has to learn about the deer and learn tracking skills. It's the hunting that's the fun part. The death is quick, controlled and carried out by a good shot - not a dog that's scared and fighting for its life so just wants out. The deer is eaten and all parts of it are used. It is respected. The dead dog is given no respect.

    Personally I don't like either, but dog fighting is not even close to moral. Deer fighting, at least, I can partly understand. But comparing them is like comparing a petty thief with a serial rapist. Dog fighting is HORRIBLE. It's nothing to do with ethnic minorities. The fact they hang the deer's head on the wall does not matter to the deer. It is a sign of respect to such a beautiful, elegant creature. The reason they don't do the same with the dog's head is because it's beaten to a bloody mush and ripped apart - it's hard to tell one part of the dog from the other, and no parts are pretty enough afterwards to hang up.

    Source(s): I hate fighting, but I know a few deer hunters who are perfectly moral people.
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    Well the last time i checked, hunters don't go out to the woods duct tape a deers mouth shut and rope it down to kill it. Vick did that, he and his guys also broke the dogs hip so it could not move around and let other dogs train on the injured one. If you think that is what hunting is YOU ARE WRONG! The deer we hunt is actually hard to kill. you have to do many things in you favor to even get close. You don't see the dog fighters eating the dogs either, that is why i deer hunt. The things that the dog fighters are doing is buy a puppy that would normally be a loving pet and torture the animal to make it mean. deer are wild and are not pets. You have no grasp on reality and have no business speaking about what you know nothing about.

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    how in the world can you even compair the two together.deer is a wild animal that is hunted for food.if left alone deer will overpopulate and cause disease and starvation among domesticated animals to fight and kill each other is inhumane.what do they do with the dogs at the end of a fight?last i checked knowone was eating them.they just throw them in the trash.dogs can somewhat be controlled ib that they are domesticated animals.these dogs were not trained to be pets. they were tained for the sole purpose of killing each other.reading your last line shows that you do not have the slightest idea about what is going on in the the last 5 years there have been some overpopulated herds of deer. there have benn a great deal suffer from what is called chronic waste disease.they spread the diseas.and many are found dead from starvation. these things happened in areas where hunting was limited.when you can give info on all sides then you will be heard.. as it stands you are just another idiot that has no idea about what happens to wild gane

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    How about 6 years in jail and No Career for a criminal act.

    With billions spent on education, I would think I would not need to answer this. Guess I was wrong? First things first. Drop the race crap. As someone Who grew up in the hood I still know right from wrong. That red herring is BS. He's commited a complex criminal enterprise and up for a lot more than just fighting dogs. Sorry most brothers would rather shoot each other than deer, but don't be blaming "the man" for that.

    As for Trying to call this a sport? Sorry I've never heard of Deer being raped to make better deer? Cruel to animals? Hunting is used to cull the overpopulation of animials. The world of suburbs have taken over the land to support those deer. They wind up in somebodies car because they are looking for food. They also damage farm crops, costing us food & money. Sorry bud you are not in the same ball park. Hell, not the same universe.

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    When I hunt deer it is not A) for Profit through illegal gambling

    B) I don't raise a otherwise gentle animal for the sole purpose of destroying another animal and C) i use every part of the deer from the hoof to the head, no part of the animal is wasted, I am proud of the fact that no farm raise meat is ever laid on my table. I am also offended at the implied racial slam concerning the ethnicity of hunters. I hunt with a group of folks and guess what , as a white male I am the minority in our group.

    Source(s): 40 years of hunting and fishing , lifetime member NRA, lifetime member NAFC
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    Only a total coward like you would try and turn this into an issue of race. You show a total lack of intelligence common sense, and a total lack of any real knowledge of what you are talking about...Perhaps someone should take your sorry butt to an actual dog fight and then maybe you will see reality and realize it's not a sunday "petting" zoo..Vick is responsible for training dogs to be vicious and intentionally inflicting incredible pain and torture, to leave these poor animals the only option left to them. Fight to survive or die ? .And for what ? Some money? Greed? The ability to pay to see dogs tear each other up, the blood, the gore, the pain, and place bets on which one lives? How much more screwed up could one individual be? What a PERFECT role model for growing african american children could you ask for. Oh I forgot, I guess Vick needs the money since he is under paid by the NFL......YEAH RIGHT. YES, I'M a Hunter, Yes I eat what I kill..or it goes to a shelter for the homeless and hungry.NOTHING GOES TO WASTE! I don't line my pockets with cash or bling bling to show off. You want to gamble,go to Las Vegas,bet on sports or play the lottery. You are entitled to your opinion. I respect that. But I have NO respect for you because you are just another big mouth racist "victim" talking trash about something you don't know JACK about. As the saying goes.."Don't go away mad, JUST GO AWAY." No one cares about what you have to say...

    Source(s): Just one opinion..Along with many that will agree with me here!
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    Hunting for food is sanctioned by Holy Scripture; dog fighting is not mentioned. God loves stupied people, look at how many he created. A point of interest for you; back in the 60's in montana the bambi lovers got deer hunting licenses cut back or something of that nature; there was a mild winter; the deer multiplied and were eating flowers and lawns in town and deer carcasses from starved to death deer were stacked up all over the place; any time man screws with mother nature we generally make a mess of it.

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    The main difference is that hunting deer is legal, and dog fights are illegal. When somone hunts deer, they try to hit it in a spot where it will die instantly, or at least very quick. When dogs fight, if it's to the death, the death usually takes quite awhile. Dogs are domestic animals, and deer are wild animals. That's another difference.

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    Clearly you have never hunted or seen a dog fight. A dog fight can last for hours and the dogs suffer. A hunter should make a quick kill, a deer may just fall where it stands. There is a great difference in the amount the animal suffers.

    Let's take your thought further, what about people who work in slaughter houses? Should they go to jail? Animals suffer there also. If we are going to fight a war on this should anyone who eats meat go to jail for encouraging this suffering?

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