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What I wanna know is; Whats the difference between people hunting deer out there and Michael Vick's dog fights

Why is it okay to hunt the poor innocent deer and other animals and eat them for dinner but there is such a big deal about this dog fighting. Why is deer hunting looked at as a sport but dog fighting is a crime punishable with prison time? Is it possible that because the majority of hunters are caucasion and the people who have dog fights are minorities. They have trophies for animal hunters and some people even hand the deer heads in their living rooms. I think both are wrong and if Michael Vick has to do jail time for gog fighting, hunters should also do jail time because both are cruelty to animals.

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    The difference between deer hunting and dog fighting has absolutely NOTHING to do with race. In the deer hunting "sport" the idea is not to force deer kill each other. Nor are there bets, nor is it just for fun...When my father hunts, we use EVERY part of the deer. Yes, organs and all. When a person kills a deer, he does his best to make it so the deer does not suffer. The idea is to have a quick painless death. Hunters also do not BREED deer in small confinements just to go shoot them. People have been hunting for their families food for thousands of years. In fact, I think it's better to see someone go out and hunt and work for their food, than drive to the grocery store (polluting the earth) and buy pre packaged mass produced beef.

    Dog fighting is a horrible horrible thing, just like any other animal fighting, (cock fighting, bear wrestling etc.). In fact I am insulted that somone would even consider comparing the two. In dog fighting, most dogs are breed in small confinements, and are not well taken care of. ALL fighting dogs come from backyard breeders. These animals are 'trained' to mentally and physically. People strap the dogs onto treadmills and in pools, and make them run, or swim for HOURS, in order to build muscle, and stamina. they are also often starved. "Bait" is accumulated, ever heard of a bait dog? or a bait kitten? rabbit? this is what they use in training, to teach the dog to kill. Later when the dog is ready to fight, bets are taken and they are taken to a ring. Most the time the dogs do not want to fight. In fact they'd rather sit there and lick eachother's noses instead of fight... After the owners have taken the dogs, riled them up, burned them with cigarettes, do any thing to get the dog annoyed, they force the dogs back into the ring, if the dogs fight, the people continue betting. Usually if the loosing dog isn't dead by the end of the match, it will be before the owner gets home. Only to be replaced with another poor puppy. In Micheal Vick's case there were dozens and dozens of fighting dogs found on his property, there were also hundreds of bait dogs awaiting their death (bait dogs do not get fed, they do not get medical attention, if they make it long enough to be let out of their kennel, it's only to be killed by another dog) Authorities also found piles, of soot, bones and un burned wood.... When a dog either didn't win (dead, or just almost dead) the dog would be burned, what else are they going to do with all those loosing dogs? Yes, some were burned ALIVE.

    THIS is the difference between hunting and dog fighting...and it is all true. It has nothing to do with race, yes it happens that most people who dog fight are mexican or black, and most people who hunt are white, but that matters just as much as whether your mail man is black or white. In my opinion deer hunting is a much much much more humane thing to do than force dogs to fight. If you have a problem with killing animals, go talk to the people who mass produce things like chicken and beef, and don't waste your time thinking about hunters. At least they work for their food. Dog fighting is a BARBARIC thing. Go do your research...

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    Whoa! Okay, there is quite a substantial amount of difference. I don't agree with the "dogs are pets" thing: they're all animals, they're all sentient beings with a right to live. BUT... Dog fighting is the epitome of cruel. Two equally matched dogs (or maybe one is stronger) go head to head and fight for their lives. They are both seriously injured, and it's a slow, nasty experience of pain and terror for both dogs. Dogs trained to be mean are also mean to humans, and give their species a bad name. The people who watch the dogs are in it for the money. They treat the dogs badly and want them to get hurt. If a dog loses it can be flogged. Deer hunting is when someone goes out into the wilds, into the world of the deer, with a gun. He respects nature and knows how it works. He has to learn about the deer and learn tracking skills. It's the hunting that's the fun part. The death is quick, controlled and carried out by a good shot - not a dog that's scared and fighting for its life so just wants out. The deer is eaten and all parts of it are used. It is respected. The dead dog is given no respect. Personally I don't like either, but dog fighting is not even close to moral. Deer fighting, at least, I can partly understand. But comparing them is like comparing a petty thief with a serial rapist. Dog fighting is HORRIBLE. It's nothing to do with ethnic minorities. The fact they hang the deer's head on the wall does not matter to the deer. It is a sign of respect to such a beautiful, elegant creature. The reason they don't do the same with the dog's head is because it's beaten to a bloody mush and ripped apart - it's hard to tell one part of the dog from the other, and no parts are pretty enough afterwards to hang up.

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    my uncle is a landowner outside of steamboat Colorado. the deer population on a nearby property increased recently to the point where the the animals were starving and dieing. by maintaining the animal populations in certain areas it prevents an incident such as this. this is also why you must have a hunting license in order to hunt. In the case of dog fighting people are not only having animals kill each other but also breeding dogs and simply killing the ones they think will not make good fighters. This is not, i repeat not, a minority majority issue. Most hunters i know are not cruel to their pray, they put in out of it misery as quickly as possible. Also many hunters either sell or eat their pray a tradition all of man kind has been practicing forever! Hunting in some cases is wrong but legal deer hunting is not.

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    You are so friggin ridiculous! I don't care if I get a bad reaction to this! If a white person in any major sport had done this they would have reacted the same way! I hope he gets expelled from the NFL FOREVER, not only this season! When people hunt deer, they eat them. It is for a purpose. Dog fighting is NOT a sport because it involves NO skill of the human whatsoever, just cruelty! The dogs either are severly injured or die, and does the human care? NO! Their man concern is winning money. That's the difference. Hunters usually kill their prey quickly and efficiently and they do not suffer, and like I said, the meat/fur/bone is used. Most dogs who are rescued from people who let that take place are so serverly messed in the head that they are unadoptable and are forced to either live in a lonely kennel or be put down anyway. Grow up.

    Source(s): My husband skins and eats deer, and I used to work for a DOG RESCUE!
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    You need to educate yourself a little better. I can tell you that although hunting is not one of the most accepted sports, it is a necessity for our environment. When the "herd is not thinned" by man, disease truly develops and runs rampant in deer. It's no fun finding deformed deer w/various maladies due to in-breeding from over populating. If hunters do not do the job, then the state officials have to step in and kill deer to keep the population and disease level manageable. At least the hunters eat what they kill, where state officials do not process the meat. Let me ask you this... if killing a deer is so vicious, which to many it understandably is, then why is it no more vicious to slaughter a cow by cutting it's throat or with a hard blow to the head while it's neck is in a vice so that it cannot escape, just so we can all eat red meat? Because that is what happens. I know, I have had to work in a processing farm. The deer at least have a chance to escape. Hunters must prepare, track and actually hunt their game. The deer do not just walk up with a target painted on them and ask to be shot. And by the way, many minorities are avid trophy hunters including deer, turkey and wild boar. You should research them before you shut them out. They are expceptionally skilled marksmen.

    Dog fighting? Well that is a whole other topic. You are forcing animal upon animal by humans. That to me seems a little more cruel when the only thing the dog wants is to please it's human master. To further your minority claim on dog fighting, there is also a large rise in cock fighting which encompasses caucasians, especially on the rural east coast. So fighting animals is not specific to african american, asians, etc. It is specific to people in general who do not value their animals as pets and creatures to be loved and admired, but rather as profit through vicious competition.

    It is not because Michael Vick is african american that the news of his dog fighting has become so sensationalized. It is because he is a sports figure in our celebrity mad country. And we are quick to jump on any celebrity for any wrong doing. Vick had greatness in his hand, he didn't need a dog fight to prove it.

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    The difference is simple,

    Deer hunting is for food or to cull a population which has had all of its natural predetors removed by man. Properly done deer hunting results in a speedy demise with some benefit to the hunter or the herd.

    Dog fighting on the other hand is cruelty inflicted for simple enjoyment or gambling. There is no redeeming value in the death of the participant.

    If you cannot understand that difference you probably should take some instruction on morality.

    BTW, speaking of understanding, How does this relate to "marriage and divorce"?

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    Because the population of deer is out of control. If hunters don't shoot them then you will complain because they are invading your property and tearing things up. Have you ever seen what happens to a car when a deer runs into the road?

    Deer hunters us guns or bows which in most cases kill the deer instantly.

    Dog fighting is a cruel and painful death.

    Besides, most hunters use the meet to feed their families. Just like you do with cows when you eat that steak.

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    As a hunter myself you are looking at this all wrong. First off dog fighting is cruel and no one eats dog. These dogs are raised to be mean animals and they just hurt one another. Or worse kill each other for what some money. At least when you hunt you dont get paid to do that. I think that Michael Vick is a sick and twisted person and should go to jail for what he did to those dogs..

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    Hunting is an art and when it's done the way it's suppose to be done the animal doesn't hurt. We have been hunting to feed ourselves for millions of years, we are omnivores and we eat meat, it's who we are. I was born and raised in a family of hunters, when my dad killed a moose or a dear we had meat for an entire year. Nothing of the animal was lost, he used the liver, the heart and the intestines to prepare bate for the bear trapping season. If no one would hunt dears and moose or any other animal the population would grow too big and would unbalance our fragile eco-system. That is why every year a certain amount of permits are issued for hunting, so we don't kill too many, females and males population are kept separately, this year few permits were issued for female dear and more for male.

    You comparing dog fights to hunting is only a proof of your ignorance in the matter. Dog fights is cruel for the animal and unnecessary to feed ourselves. It's a barbaric practice.

    Not only the whites go hunting..another one of your misconceptions. We all hunt in our own respective country. Russians, Chinese, Inuits, Natives, Italians hunt as much as we do.

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    Hunting deer is a legal and humane way to manage deer populations. One will never find a starving deer, they are all starving.

    Dog fighting is a cruel way for humans to entertain themselves for what purpose? To wager money. The dog dies for the pleasure of a wager.

    I can tell from the tone of your comments that your mind is made up without regard what any one will right down here. So go in peace and be happy you were not born a dog or a deer.

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