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How does God help those who seek after him?

Have you ever seriously sought the Lord?

Have you ever had a deep experience regarding divine intervention in your life?

Have you been healed?

Have you ever been saved from a life threatening situation in a nick of time?

How do you explain such occurences in your life?

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    Seek after God with your whole heart and He will be found of thee...

    1 and 2 Yes I had to undergo a very serious operation for my back and it was a 50% cchance of success. I was prayed for and a day before I had to go for the op, tests was done and my back was healed Praise the Lord, I have never had any pain since that day;

    3. Yes one day years ago I was on my way from a party and walking alone in Hillbrow Johannesburg, South Africa. I could not find my friend's apartment and asked for directions, when this man told me that the building in front of us was actually the place. The next moment I say a police car coming to my side and asked whether they could assist me. I was then informed that the building that I was looking for is about 3 blocks away. Praise the Lord, He is always on time.

    God is more aware of you than you will ever know. He knows you. He knows your weaknesses and as He promised that He will never leave nor forsake you.

    Take Care

    Love in Christ Jesus

    Source(s): Just me and the Word of God
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    GOD. And only God. My whole life is supernatural and everything contained in it is supernatural. I personally am a spirit being in a mortal body. God is never wrong just misunderstood and there is absolutely no way people can gain any understanding of God through the world's virus and parasite infested system of thinking.

    As you can tell and as you should be well aware of the world is becoming more and more focused on the 'right now' and God is focused on the real existence of eternal life. It will definitely be an extremely sad time when the 'right now' consists of burning in hell for eternity but trillions will experience it.

    As it says in the Bible they strain at a gnat (which is enduring a little suffering now) and they swallow a camel (which is to say eternity in hell torment and suffering)

    P.S. Sorry to get off the line of thought you had, It just was put on my heart so I thought I'd share.

    Take care and may God bless you spiritually.

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    When we seek the Lord this really gives the Lord an opening to enter into our situations. Seeking the Lord causes us to find. A seeking heart is not passive and letting things happen around him without considering what Gods view on the situation is. He truly helps us and supplies us with His wisdom and guidance and His Will. We can seek Him in prayer and through the word.

    I remember a while ago how the Lord saved me through His simple speaking regarding a small matter that impacted on my very life.

    The air in my front tires of the car were low. I felt a strong sense from to take care of this matter and to stop procrastinating about it. That afternoon while driving.. the rain had started drizzling. Three cars ahead of me suddenly stopped when one lady decided to do an illegal U turn .. I tell you brother...I stopped only a few inches from the car in front of me. Immediately the thought came to me.. OH Lord Jesus! my tires had air in them to deal with this sudden stop in the nick of time" I sat there trembling and thankful. It all happened so fast and i am thankful that the Lord Looks out for us. He speaks to us all the time in small and big ways regarding so many things in our lives...

    There are so many time where the Lord healed me from different ailments. From simple headaches to fainting dizziness. Two weeks ago at a sisters' meeting while sharing regarding the Cleansing of the Lord's blood.. a sister sitting next to me said that while i was sharing, she was suffering wiht a pounding migraine..instantly .. the headache left her.. i saw her looking at me in a strange way after that but then she testified with us afterward that while the word was being shared, the Lord touched her head in such an instant way that she has never experienced before. Isn't the Lord merciful to us brother Gilbert?

    Praise His name forever.

    May we continually seek His beautiful face..

    Be those beholding and reflecting with unveiled face the glory of the Lord.

    Ty for the post

    ur sister


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    God doesn't help anybody. He doesn't exist. That is all just superstition.

    But to answer your questions:

    Yes, I have serious sought God. That's how I broke away from my Christian indoctrination. But when I sought God, I did so honestly. It was not just an attempt to rationalize what I wanted to believe.

    I've had many deep experiences, and could probably have attributed many to divine intervention, but that would be dishonest.

    I have been healed many times. My body is fairly good at doing that.

    I have been saved from life threatening situations through quick reflexes or dumb luck.

    Some occurences in my life, I can't explain. However, you can't really use human ignorance to demonstrate the existence of a god.

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    God is a rewarder, in a way of grace; with himself, who is their exceeding great reward; and with his Son, and all things with him; with more grace; and, at last, with eternal glory, the reward of the inheritance. This is equally necessary as the belief that he exists. If we could not believe that God would hear and answer our prayers, there could be no encouragement to call upon him. It is not meant here that the desire of the reward is to be the motive for seeking God - for the apostle makes no affirmation on that point; but that it is impossible to make an acceptable approach to him unless we have this belief. Shalom, John M

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    The "operation of God" removes all cancer us law law,

    for even a little leaven(law) can & will kill the whole body,

    including the head of the body: Christ: the end of the law.

    The impotent man was healed(made whole),

    notably by seven grace us words in John 5,

    not by getting helped into troubled water.

    When later found in temple, praising law,

    he's told: sin(law) no more; given a reason:

    latter end will be seven (other) spirits worse.

    The woman, caught in adult-ery: Jn8, also told:

    sin(law) no more, when free of condemnation,

    for law is also the ministration of death: 2Cor3.

    Sadly, many in 2nd Rom 8:2 law of law vs law,

    high on the life in CJ's life + death = dead end,

    forget the law is also the ministration of death,

    as well as the ministration of condemnation.

    Pst: Free of condemnation doesn't bring e-life.

    Free of condemnation & death brings eternal life.

    The GRACE of our Lord J-->C with you-->all. Amen.

    Source(s): Saved(Graced) + destroyed(lawed) after = their end: 2Corinthians 11:15 ... Hebrews 7:23 ... Jude 5
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    Your opening Q----Your past life flashs back through your mind, of wrong choices-The door does open and you see the light at the end of the tunnel, Fear is removed and you are awesomely led to solution with out much effort on your part,

    then the process of healing begins, and you continue to work

    on your defects in honesty supported by whom you choose to call God of your understanding. and others that are on the same page you are. Blessings

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    God is amazing. that's all that needs to be said

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    Yes to all.

    Divine providence.

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