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求"keeping a pet is good for young children"的論點

要英文, 反方, 唔好咁深thx

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    Argumentative Essay will divide it into 3 part -For -Against - Conclusion

    You are requesting the Against part and you can say somthing like...

    - Keeping a pet is a diffcult job, it needs alot of time and spirit

    +Time for edcuation


    +Providing food

    +Skin cares

    +Building relationship.....etc

    - Is a disadvantage to pet because young children are too young(not reliable) to take care with.

    - Young children might give up easily

    - Young childern can get bored with it

    - Young children can catch illness from pet such as (asthma 哮喘)

    -Young children have not got much money so spend on the pet.

    have a look at this

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