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? asked in 飲食其他 - 食物及飲品 · 1 decade ago

beard flour 牌子

如果係澳洲supermarket想買Bread flour 應該買邊隻牌子?? (我唔要pre mix,multi grain) 註明完整牌子名比我..thx

每次去supermarket都好亂 又驚買錯 會用唔著

我見到COLES有隻UNBLEACHED (包裝係有隻袋鼠)..主用係用白色紙袋GE) 又平D,果隻得唔得?


UNBLEACHED (包裝係有隻袋鼠)

Update 2:

UNBLEACHED (包裝係有隻袋鼠)

the brand name starts with W..

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  • 1 decade ago
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    COLES有隻UNBLEACHED (包裝係有隻袋鼠) <--- ok you can use it, but will be a bit yellow

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