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Do any girls find leonardo dicaprio's slicked back hair appealing? If yes how sooo?

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    I obviously am not a girl, however, the smooth glossy wet look is making a come-back, look at this site:

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    Yes. Leonardo Dicaprio is unarguably, good-looking. Pretty much no matter how his hair is done, it looks great. Also by having it slicked back it makes him look mature and elegant and charming. If your considering doing this yourself however, you may want to practice gelling your hair in different ways at home a few times first to see what way looks best. Hope this helps. Bon Chance!

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    Leonardo dicaprio is hot, so what ever he does with his hair or with himself is good, because he is HOT,,,,

  • 1 decade ago

    Nope, I find his normal haircut more appealing.

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