What issues today have to do with congressional powers?

I have an idea what congressional powers are, but I need examples of how it has to do with issues now a days in the U.S.

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    well, the constitution says only congress can declare war. war hasn't been declared by congress since WWII. notice how we haven't won a war since wwii. korea, vietnam and now iraq have all been disasters. the wars never end. the war on korea hasn't ended, YET. although there isn't any fighting anymore. no peace treaty was ever signed. we still have our troops there after 50 years.

    also. congress is suppose to be equal or if anything more powerful than the executive branch. congress is the voice of the people. lately under clinton and bush, the executive branch just walks over congress. last couple of weeks, congress wanted to look at the plans in the event of another catastrophic event but was denied by bush under executive privelege. executive privelege? on our nations plan in the event of a catastropic event. why the secrecy? all of our new laws for the president after 9/11 (patriot acts I and II, victory acts I and II, military commissions act of 2006) have put the presidency in position of declaring martial law, claiming dictatorial powers and using the military to police the american people, which is illegal under the posse comitatus act. Congress #1 job is oversight of the president, but yet bush claims executive privelege and tells congress they can't see the plans after the next terror attack. no where in the constitution does it allow the president to thumb his nose at congress(american people). the privacy act is suppose to protect americans from government spying. also, the sunshine act and freedom of information acts allow the american people to see everything the government does out in the "sunshine". here is the timeline for tyranny under bush administration that answers to no one and can ignore anyone, including congress.http://www.infowars.com/articles/ps/tyranny_timeli...

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    If the president wants money to spend on the war congress uses their congressional powers to either vote to give it to him or vote to not give it to him. They also vote for new laws, overturn preidential vetos, and repel laws all by vote.

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