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Rudy Guliani said that his Head of Homeland Security would be?

LAPD Chief William Bratton who said on a radio show when he first became chief

If you dont like that LA is a sanctuary city for illegals


Did you know this and do you still support rudy or did you

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    Rudy is too liberal for me, I will not vote for him, and I hope he doesn't get past the nomination. THe head of homeland security has to be a die hard patriot that is willing to use every extent of his power to make sure our borders are sealed, ports secured and Immigration laws are enforced, strictly.

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    Janet Napolitano could have been the governor in Arizona for a mutually as, even though it does no longer propose she replaced right into a depressing failure on immigration. Does it propose she could have accomplished greater useful? confident. however the element to word is that the governor isn't the only individual in charge of immigration. She has some duty yet there are others in touch in this technique. you have state officers that are in charge of unlawful immigration rules and in the event that they do no longer enforce them then how can something be enforced? you spot, as governor you do have lead way. yet you may basically do plenty. in the adventure that your state regulation officers are not doing their activity, then how are you able to do yours?

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    It's a figure head appointment anyway. Has nothing to do with the intelligence community. That choice would not decide my pick for Prez. And still, Rudy isn't it.

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    Never have

    He only dealt with 911 and this is all he is a lib.

    pro choice.

    pro gun control

    NY became a sanctuary city and he kept all of the libs before him what they did. and raise taxes.

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    The fact is there is a major difference between a middle American conservative, and a New England so-called conservative. To survive, a New England so-called conservative is simply someone that is just right of extreme left.

    Now these same New England so-called conservatives is pandering to the true conservatives with new found views. What amazes me is that people are so desperate that they are willing to believe them.

  • I've never supported Rudy the loonie!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Rudy is a cross-dresser!!

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    hello nicole i would never support someone that i dont know and dont trust hon

    Source(s): never did and never will
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    never in my life would I support him

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