What are good short term goals I can achieve while having childcare as a barrier to completing long term goals

I have long term goals finish my bachlors (two more semesters), go to graduate school, improve credit by repaying debt (only 4,000 dollars), save, be a better parente to the kiddies. However these ae ongoing and will eventually happen over time. What are some short tem goals i can focus on or small things to make the long term happen faster. I am a single parent and childcare so that I can work or volunteer limits my longe term goals

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    Use the time to read non-fiction that will help you to do a better job when you complete your bachelors. What classes do you have remaining? What will be your biggest challenge in bachelor's work? Focus on those areas.

    Research possible scholarships so that returning to school doesn;t create additional financial burden.

    Are there companies in your area that compensate employees who pursue a degree? Consider making a job switch or planning to work there when kids are older.

    Define "being a better parent." Write down 3 promises and specifically how you will be able to do it. For example . . .

    Promise: Eat dinner as a family at 6:30 p each night.

    How to Achieve Goal: No shopping/stopping after work; prepare & freeze at least 3 meals each Saturday to eat during work week; won't turn on TV until after the meal.

    Good luck - how smart to set short term goals to get you to the long term goals!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Have you thought about online schools? I finished my master's degree today (no kidding) and it was through an online school because I cannot get my husband home in time to take over with our son. At a school like the University of Phoenix, you can do two semesters in a matter of months. You can also take out a student loan and possibly roll your current debt into the loan in a way ... I got $5,000 in overpayments back from UoP. I'll have to repay that money, of course, but it is sitting happily in my savings account right now. You could pay off the $4,000.

    good luck!

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