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What do you think of impact illegal immigrants DUI has on Americans?Hit-and-run, 2 Americans die.?

Guatemalan man who is in the United States illegally was arrested early Tuesday on hit-and-run charges after a traffic accident that killed two Baltimore-area men and injured three other highway construction workers on the side of U.S. 29 in Montgomery County, police said.

The crash just over the Howard County line was the latest in a series of fatal traffic accidents involving illegal immigrant drivers in Maryland. It also added two names to the list of highway workers killed in on-the-job crashes recently.

James Cronin, 37, of the 7200 block of Judy Road in Glen Burnie, was flown to Maryland Shock Trauma Center on Monday in critical condition and died late Tuesday morning, according to Officer Melanie Hadley, a spokeswoman for the Montgomery County Police Department.

The previous day, Martin Ruffin, 30, of the 1800 block of Moreland Ave. in West Baltimore, was pronounced dead at the scene of the 1 p.m. crash. Three others were taken to hospitals with injuries.

Montgomery police said the driver of a white Ford Econoline fled on foot after plowing into a construction truck and hitting the workers, who were sitting on a guardrail taking a break.

Manuel De Jesus Gonzalez-Geronimo, 31, of Hyattsville turned himself in to Prince George's County police about 12:30 a.m. Tuesday, authorities said.

Gonzalez-Geronimo was turned over to Montgomery County police and charged with failure to remain at the scene of a collision involving death and bodily injury and with driving without a license, police said. At a hearing Tuesday, he was ordered held without bond at the Montgomery Detention Center.

Lucille Baur[CQ], another Montgomery police spokeswoman, said that Gonzalez-Geronimo said during the hearing that he is an undocumented worker from Guatemala.

The crash was one of several recent fatalities in Maryland for which illegal immigrants face charges.The crash was one of several recent fatalities in Maryland for which illegal immigrants face charges.

In May, 20-year-old Mark Watson, a University of Maryland sophomore from Ellicott City, was killed in a hit-and-run crash in College Park. Police charged Never L. Navar ro-Montoya, 24, an illegal Mexican immigrant who had no driver's license, with driving under the influence of alcohol, fleeing the scene of an accident and possessing a false government identification.

In November, Eduardo Raul Morales-Soriano, an illegal Mexican immigrant who lived in Laurel, was indicted on charges of manslaughter and negligent homicide while under the influence after a Thanksgiving night crash at Routes 175 and 108, records show. Jennifer Bower, 24, of Montgomery County and Marine Cpl. Brian Mathews, 21, of Columbia were killed. The trial is set for Sept. 18.

Monday's accident also provided a grim reminder of the dangers of working on Maryland's highways.

The issue of drivers' licenses for illegal immigrants has become a flash point in many states, including Maryland, where the General Assembly regularly debates legislation that would close the doors of the Motor Vehicle Administration to those who can't prove their legal status. Maryland is one of eight states that issue driver's licenses to foreign-born residents regardless of their immigration status.

Immigrants' rights advocates contend that issuing licenses to illegal immigrants encourages safer driving because it subjects immigrants to testing. But critics of immigration contend that border security comes first.

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    What most people have a hard time realizing with a question like this(Don't ask me why?) is that if the illegal had stayed in their own country they wouldn't have a chance to kill an innocent American. We have enough problems with DUI's and other crime as Americans that we really don't need illegals pitching in their two cents. If you want to kill people please stay in your own country and do so. Not to mention the tax dollars spent on clean up and court fees that I don't want to pay for.

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    Uh, and you know their intention is to stay beyond their life-span HOW? I think that people who come here to work, and are working, should be able to do so legally. If it were legal to come here and work, there wouldn't be a problem. For all who wonder why we've been talking about illegal immigration for decades, but it's never enforced -- the reason it's not enforced is the business-owners who profit from illegal labor are the ones who convince the goverment to not enforce the laws, pleading they'd be put out of business. Besides, we'd not be able to afford to eat more than a couple of times a week were it not for the cheap labor that produces most of our food.

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    There is definitely an impact. If someone you loved was killed in a crash because SOMEBODY WHO WASN'T SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE COUNTRY TO BEGIN WITH KILLED THEM you might think "hey there's a problem here." I think the government should offer I.D.s to illegals then when they show up to get one the police rounds them up and tosses them out of the country with armed guards lining the border. America has its own problems to deal with and really shouldn't be babysitting Mexico's scum also.

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    You're a racist, we need more illegal immigrants! Diversity of killing is good. Those Black students from Delaware who were killed in Newark, NJ, were killed by an illegal alien. That is diversity, we should celebrate it! And when I heard the report on WMAL this morning about the guys running from the white van after they killed those guys (before they knew who did it), well I was picturing diversity. America the Beautiful!

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    I dont even have to read all this crap to tell u that 1000s of people will drink and drive regardless of being illegal immigrants or American citizens so whats your point?

    U posted a stupid question. JAG just let me say something to you brah. You seem like a real lonely guy dude, if i were u i would really get to doing something productive, instead of sitting behind a computer screen and posting idiotic questions on the net that are purposefully hurtfull and don't prove a point.

    Source(s): When u think about what CHI SOX said, he makes a point, but thats just like saying " Why didn't the construction workers stay home from work that day" or "Why did the workers have to sit on that guardrail when taking a break" and "Why do bartenders serve alcohol"
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    I think people shouldn't drink and drive.. . . . .

    What else do you people want from a question like this?

    People do commit crimes like this, that's not good, it's sad, what do you want?

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    Wow,what foolishness are you trying to hand out?

    When really those you claim as having been lousy drinkers only started early on about the same time(life stage) that you probably were playing with your "White hoods" as kids!

    In other words "NO ARMATURES"...

    Might have been some American vehicle manufacture boo-boo! LOL.

    By the way did you here about "Jack MacANLAN" the pervert who claims that he just enjoys watching little girls?!

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    I see ranting , and I agree you should be pissed, I see no question.

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    Ok why does that matter!!!!!There are bad people in every Race!!!! and there will always be bad people!!!! If you deport Illegeals there will still be Crimes!!!!

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