Which is better to get into for someone with no experience in the IT field. SAP, QA testing, BA or peoplesoft?

what is the demand for each of them and with is bound to last. I hear only certain modules of peoplesoft have demand like HRMS. which one is better to get into?

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    1 decade ago
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    your best bet is still PeopleSoft HRMS - which is very easy to learn and get Job. you do not need to have experience as it is easy to grasp the knowledge and visualize the variuos business processes of different companies. This is the TOP product and will continue to be in demand and will last long. you can also check Oracle Fusion which is new ERP product that Oracle will be releasing soon next year. check the below sites to learn about Oracle Fusion and to Learn PeopleSoft Free:

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    1 decade ago

    I do Peoplesoft and SAP.

    Peoplesoft is easier than SAP but there are more customers with SAP or Oracle then Peoplesoft in the world.

    QA testing is good and not the big headache like SAP is and it still pays good too.

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