About Lukiema?

when you have it if your not responding to the treatments any more is there still a medicine you take?? And if ther is and u mix sleeping pills with it can u go in a coma from it?? Can u go into a coma frm a cancer cause??? plz giv me some info

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There are many treatments for leukemia. Your physician will take the best option depending on a variety of factors. If a patient does not respond to one treatment a different course of action might be taken. Different treatments include: chemotherapy, radiation therapy, transfusion and biological therapy. And although patients may be unresponsive unless they do not want to be treated all options are exhausted. At that point patients usually take medication to ease discomfort associated with the disease. As for going into a coma it would depend on the type of medication the patient is taking.

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, there are various treatments for leukemia. If you weren't responding to one, the doctors would try something else.

    You probably would always be taking some kind of medicine. Mixing it with anything you get from the drugstore is not a good idea.

    Mixing drugs can cause a coma. Mixing drugs and alcohol can cause a coma. Cancer can cause a coma.

    So can a head injury. Or serious disease.

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