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Is mattress cleaning a good business?

This seems very profitable for the time you put in, but is this service easily marketed or very hard to market? How would you market this. Someone that does this would be most helpful for me but any input is welcome.


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    I operated a mattress cleaning business in Sydney late 2005 through 2006. Some weeks $2K, other weeks nothing.

    It is a difficult business to successfully market as the benefits are not visible to the eye, and people simply aren't used to such an idea... not to mention the privacy factor (however almost ALL my customers left me alone in their rooms throughout the entire process - I must look trustworthy or something haha.

    My business is still operating, but only through a small network with weekend work, while I attend back to full time executive salary to look after mortgage, family commitments etc.

    Advice to anyone entering the mattress cleaning business... Startup capital should be at least $50K. You'll need to market the *** off it immediately... multiple steams, repetitive, referrals, and homefully more referrals!

    This industry is not at scam either. NATA acredited lab reports are legitimate basis for many brilliant marketing claims, and it has all the reports. The industry needs two big players with enough marketing budget to run prime time tv campaigns, print media etc.

    Hope these comments help shed some insight.

    In terms of marketing strategy. Don't do letterbox drops - it does not generate any response at all. Get demonstrating, looking professional and pay someone to build a **** hot website!



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    I am in the mattress cleaning business and also provide others with the equipment to get into the business. One does not have to pay $4,000 to $23,000 to get into the business. Between corporate television commercials and news reports on national/local newscasts the general public is becoming aware of the need for mattress cleaning. Just 4 decades ago, mattress cleaning was a typical part of "spring cleaning" for many, many families. We use to haul out the mattresses, prop them up, beat the "crap" out of them with a baseball bat, then expose each side to the sunlight for as many hours as possible.

    Do the necessary market research as one must do when contemplating any start-up business. Unfortunately and because the service is so new there is little history available to complete a typical market research. In other words, you cannot get an old phone book and count how many provided the service, say 5 years ago, versus today. You cannot check the local paper to see how many others are providing the service because there are none. Ask family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and even strangers, if they would use such a service in your area. Do research on the Internet and learn of the benefits for the service so that you can share (and educate) those you speak with, concerning the business opportunity.

    Is it profitable? That depends! There are now a reported 4,000 businesses in Europe, which started up just 12 years ago, so there must be some potential income there. It also depends on the local economy in your area, local demographics, number of allergy sufferer's, financial resources, past business experience, how you advertise, how much passion and effort you put into it. Never limit your imagination to the possibilities. Think about re-investing your profits into the business. Purchase additional equipment and put teams to work or rent the equipment to DIY'ers much like carpet shampoo'ers available in local grocery stores. Got truck stops in your area? Truckers could use the service to clean their sleeping compartment. RV camps? Same. Do you have many Bed and Breakfast Inns in your area? College dorms? Until the general public becomes more demanding, hotels and motels are slow to respond to the service. But, should you start the business, you must let them know you offer the service. Give the hotel options, offer to service just 10% of the guest rooms. The hotel can now offer non-smoking, or HYPO-ALLERGEN rooms (smoking rooms are history) and by charging just $1/day extra for hypo-allergen rooms they will make a profit (and you too!). Forty million Americans suffer from allergies and over twenty million suffer mostly from dust allergies.

    Research the possibilities. If one mattress in a home is contaminated (and after 2 years they generally are contaminated) then all mattresses need to be cleaned as the allergens become airborne within a home. A 3 or 4 bedroom home would typically net around $120-$150 for 1 1/2 hrs. of work.

    Source(s): For more info, search "mattress cleaning equipment" on Yahoo, Google, MSN, or nearly any search engine of your choice.
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    Is mattress cleaning a good business?

    This seems very profitable for the time you put in, but is this service easily marketed or very hard to market? How would you market this. Someone that does this would be most helpful for me but any input is welcome.


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    it looks a good business to start

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