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What's the residential trespass law in texas (harris county)?

What can I legally do to trespassers.

How can I file a police report if the person runs away, but has vandalized my property?

Do I have the right to restrain them (including minors) until the police come?

If they are vandalising my property can they be physically and forcefully removed (including minors).

If a physical altercation occurs, are we in the right?

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  • Glen B
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    Harris County Texas

    You can file a police report even if the person runs away. Hopefully he/she will be caught and order to pay some restitution to you.

    You can legally detain an individual and contact the PD afterwards. It's a citizens arrest.

    Physical altercation can and may occur. In the event it does, don't use excessive force against the individual. Do what's necessary to contain him/her.

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    File a report: it starts a paper trail that you can use in court if the problem continues.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I heard in Texas if somebody steps on your property you can shoot them.

    Don't know if it's true I'm not a lawyer.

    Source(s): Hearsay
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