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Bird help?

What are some things that I could put in a emergency kit for my Cockatoo, Parakeet, and Double-Yellow-Head parrot?



Thank you!!

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    Well if it is a first aide then you need:



    neck brace


    cotton swabs

    alcohol swabs

    1" gauze tape

    vet wrap


    metal nail file

    tweezers or hemostats

    small scissors

    clean dish towels

    rubber gloves

    sterile surgical blade

    1cc tuberculin syringes

    12cc curved tip syringes

    flexible tubing

    a net

    sterile saline solution




    Neosporin Ointment


    Benadryl (pink kapseals)

    Stethoscope Some you may not ahve but that is a complete first aid kit. :)

    For emergencies like floods then you need small cages to take birds in, water, seed, and your first aid kit. http://www.aspca.org/site/PageServer?pagename=pets... This link gives you other important things as like the sticker that alerts rescuers to animals in your home.

  • John P
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    1. A towel for restraining the bird (ALL birds panic when hurt)

    2. Waterless antibacterial hand wash gel for your hands

    3. Electric heating pad or sports gel heating pack

    4. Peroxide

    5. Q-tips and cotton balls

    6. Flour or corn starch to stop bleeding

    7. Tweezers

    8. Scissors

    9. Aureomycin antibiotic powder ( mix one teaspoon in one

    gallon of drinking water-

    buy at farm store )

    10. An eye dropper

    11. A good parrot book with comprehensive first aid chapter

    12. Pack everything in a good quality bird carrier in case

    bird needs to go to the Avian vet

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck

    Source(s): Share my home with 8 cockatiels and one nearsighted Quaker Parrot who is convinced that we cannot see him being sneaky! Worked with a Vet for 2 years.
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    Septic powder or flour to stop bleeding and the name, address and phone nbr of the nearest avian vet. Don't wait until you need these things fast.

    An emory board for filing nails down and little long-nosed scissors - not for cutting anything on the bird but for freeing the toes or neck from threads in which the bird has become entangled. A wooden toothpick can come in handy here, too.

    Source(s): Years of emergencies with my birds.
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    Ok here's a shot at this one:

    corn starch

    Needle Nose pliers


    Dental Floss



    Scissors(small Pair)

    Surgical Tape

    Receiving Blanket


    Razor Blades(2)

    zip lock bag with Seeds in it



    Avian Vet #'s

    Emergency Contact #'s

    All band #'s on index cards

    Photo's of bird(s)



    Nail clippers

    Nail file (metal or card board kind)

    Super glue

    Insta heat( hunters use them)

    Hope this helped you. Some pet stores carry kits.

    Good Luck!

    Source(s): 20+ years of breeding, avian certified, avian behavioral specialist, 180+ pairs of birds, rescue, & a sense of humor LOL
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    I would make sure you have his/her own little feeding dish. Espesically some favorite toys. Take along some favorite fods. I know when I take my lovebird on a trip with me, I take a specially sort cloth so thea he can get some comfortable rest. You also may want to pick up some powder mad for birds in case he /she is exposed to any type of bird lice.

    Happy Flying,

    C Anthony Palmatier Phd

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    Fresh water, seeds and, fresh fruit and veggies to eat.

    A soft towel to cover at night, name and address to contact Vet. and owner.

    For long trips, a nail clipper and antiseptic to take care of the nails.

    Source(s): That is what I get for my parrot when traveling.
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    Styptic powder - not septic, is a must. You got all good answers.

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