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Is Datel's Max Media Dock/4gb HDD for Nintendo DS compatible with Supercard 3?

I own a Max Media Player and Max Media Dock/4gb HDD for Nintendo DS, but MMP is very unreliable for homebrew and the like. Could I use a Supercard 3 instead of the MMP?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The Super Card SD-to-GBA NDS Adapter is a New revolutionary flash kit that uses a standard SD (Secured Digital) memory card for its primary memory. SD memory is relatively cheap and is normally used for equipment like digital cameras, but now you can use your SD memory card for your Gameboy Advance (SP), Gameboy Micro, or Nintendo DS!

    The Super Card SD-to-GBA NDS Adapter allows for more than just gaming. Now you can use watch movies, play music, browse pictures, read E-Books and more!

    1. Play GBA, NES, GB, PCE, SMS/GG, NDS (with Superpass 2) without additional software!

    2. See movies (.gbs .gbm), read E-books, play music, see pictures and more.

    3. Super Game Cheat system.

    4. Real Time Save - save your games instantly when ever you like it.

    5. Four button reset to main menu.

    6. Supports compression.

    7. Supports semi-multitasking - switch between running game and other software without quitting the game.

    8. Game time: 5-6 h with GBA SP (with stock battery).

    9. Uses cheap and big standard SD memory.

    10. Unlimited storage capacity (just use more/bigger SD cards).

    11. GBA, GBA SP, GBM, and NDS compatible.

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