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The best skateboard setup EVER!!?

So I studied a lot lately for my last setup ever (and the best too!). To have this it took more than 2 month of studying the parts of my skateboard, 7 questions on yahoo! answers and a crapload of research! So here it goes:

Deck: Zero Three skulls 7.75

Trucks: Independant Stage 9 low Gunmetal 5.0-7.75 axle nut

Griptape: Shorty's Black Magic

Wheels: Darkstar Light Knight's 53mm

Hardware: Bullet Hardware +Phillips "11

Bearings: Bones reds

Other: Ruckus tool fix universal, element tree icon risers.

Tell me what you think!

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    dude that is amazing. the bearings,griptape,and trucks are perfect. the deck is good but i am not a fan of zero. the wheels are good but i would prefer bone swiss because they go better with the bone bearings. glad you took the time to do all this. must be a dedicated skater. consider a plan b or element deck

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    Deck: Zero Thomas / Almost Mullen Impact

    Trucks: Thunder Thomas Warpaint / Tensor Pro Fades / Venture lites...Personal opinion

    Griptape: doesn't really matter...Shorty's Black Magic is good

    Wheels: Spitfire or Ricta (50mm)

    Hardware: same as griptape...doesn't matter, but I prefer shorty's phillips head 1"

    Bearings: Bones Reds or Swiss Ceramic ($$$)

    Tools: Risers aren't necessary in all cases...and any specific tool made for the skateboard is fine.

    Hey, at least we both agree on Zero decks!!!

  • V
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    Thats good but my dream setup is:

    1. DGK Splatter 7.5

    2. Trucks Royal 7.5

    3. Griptape Black Magic

    4. Darkstar Lightining Cores

    5. Lucky Hardware

    6. Bearings Lucky Swiss

    And thats my imagination thats my street all around board. yours isnt bad either so keep skating and dont show off too much!

  • joris
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    i might flow with the tenser magnesium reaction trucks , and the spitfire wheels could desire to flow, attempt ricta's there are exceptionally sturdy for me. and enjoi skateboards are loopy sturdy. I actual have yet to come back for the period of an enjoi deck that has undesirable turn and undesirable concave. i decide to advise you get one in all them next, they're extra low-priced then the virtually impact decks and that they are particularly sturdy. except you have an argument with snapping your boards in a week. skate no longer ordinary broski

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    Wow! Awesome! You're so lucky!

    ஐ♠ Skater ♠ஐ

  • Anonymous
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    thats sweet but you shuold try pig bearrings there than bones reds.

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