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Is Ariel Sharon alive or dead?

I am wondering about the former leader of Israel Ariel Sharon if he is still alive or dead last I heard was that he was in a coma following a stroke can anyone tell me if he still alive?

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    Sharon was hospitalized on 18 December 2005 after reportedly suffering a minor ischemic stroke. During his hospital stay, doctors discovered a heart ailment requiring surgery and ordered bed rest pending a cardiac catheterization scheduled for January 5, 2006. Instead, Sharon returned immediately to work and suffered a massive stroke on January 4, the day before surgery. After two surgeries lasting 7 and 14 hours, doctors stopped bleeding in Sharon's brain, but couldn't prevent him from entering a permanent coma.[18] Subsequent media reports indicated that Sharon had been diagnosed with Cerebral amyloid angiopathy (CAA) during his December hospitalisation. Hadassah Hospital Director Shlomo Mor-Yosef declined to respond to criticism that the combination of CAA and blood thinners after Sharon's December stroke may have caused his more serious, subsequent stroke.[19]

    Then-Deputy Prime Minister Ehud Olmert became acting Prime Minister the night of Sharon's second stroke. Knesset elections followed in March, with Olmert and Sharon's Kadima party winning a plurality. The next month, the Israeli Cabinet declared Sharon permanently incapacitated and Olmert officially became Prime Minister of Israel on April 14, 2006.

    Sharon has undergone a series of subsequent surgeries related to his comatose state. He has remained in a long-term care facility since November 6, 2006.[20] Medical experts indicate that his cognitive abilities were likely destroyed by the massive stroke. He is in a persistent vegetative state with extremely low chances of recovery.

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    Alive as of August 2007, but in a permanent coma

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    Wikipedia says he's in a persistent vegetative state as of August 07.

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    The jewish doctors are still padding the bill,and bleeding Americans dry to keep the bastard alive. They receive over 12 billion per year and never are expected to pay back one single cent. When are we going to get them off our backs? Remember every jew in the US is a member of aipac and they all contribute so they are all complicit in the terror originating from israel! All they have to do to revive him is to hang a swastika mobile over his head and he'll flee all the way back to Russia!

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    He is daily dying for 24 times a day since Dec 2005....But still alive...

    Doctors have to leave him inside Palastine, he will wake up run for life....!!!

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    I don't even know who he is. But i think he is dead.

    Did i help? If not search it in google

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