real first u.s. president from 1787-89?

there are alot of myths and misconceptions on this issue. lots of ppl want to say john hanson was first u.s. prez. i know the current constitution was ratified in 1787 and that many confuse president of the continental congress with president of the united states. but cyrus griffin and arthur st. clair where presidents of the CC during the 1787-89 era so where one of those two technically the true fist U.S. head of state or what? Who was president from '87-'89?!


gary v no he wasnt..

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    Arthur St. Clair was the President of the United States in Congress Assembled from February 2, 1787 to November 4, 1787, and Cyrus Griffin held that office from January 22, 1788 to November 2, 1788. I suppose that Congress was not in session November 5, 1787 to January 21, 1788 and November 3, 1788 to George Washington's inauguration April 30, 1789. The manner of running the country in the absence of a President seems most unclear.

    Before George Washington there were many Presidents of the Continental Congress and of the United States in Congress Assembled:

    Peyton Randolph

    Henry Middleton

    (Presidents of the First Continental Congress)

    Peyton Randolph

    John Hancock

    Henry Laurens

    John Jay

    Samuel Huntington

    (Presidents of the Second Continental Congress)

    Thomas McKean

    John Hanson

    Elias Boudinot

    Thomas Mifflin

    Richard Henry Lee

    John Hancock

    Nathaniel Gorham

    Arthur St. Clair

    Cyrus Griffin

    (Presidents of the United States in Congress Assembled)

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    George Washington...

    He was also president of the continential (sic) congress.


    If you know the answer why ask? This isn't trivia!

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