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Help! Bank Account Problem Involving Netflix Free Trial Authorization...?

I signed up for a netflix free trial with a debit card that goes to my account which has about a dollar in it at the moment. I read all the fine print presented in the trial disclosure and it clearly stated i wouldn't be charged, but after signing up I decided to look at their faq and came across this: Netflix makes no charge during your free trial. Upon registering for your free trial, your credit card or bank account will be authorized.

Your credit card company or financial institution may temporarily withhold an amount equal to our regular monthly subscription rate from your credit limit or available balance at that time - it will be released by your credit-card company or financial institution within a few days. No charges will be made unless you do not cancel prior to the end of your free trial period. Please check with your financial institution for details on their policy on authorizations.


I don't have 20.00 for them to withhold! Will I get a fee?

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    It really depends upon your bank. Most banks don't charge a fee unless the netflix charge actually posts to your account. Just be sure you don't have any other charges come through while netflix has the hold on your funds, because then you likely will get charged.

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    Same thing happened to me approximately a week ago, I went on the website, cancelled the subscription 2 days before the trial ran out, but now I have just gone back on to the Netflix website to see why I have been charged, and apparently I didn't cancel the subscription and now I'm going to be charged another £6 in 1 months time for a service i'm not even using, a total of £12 for what I thought was a 'free trial' . . . Netflix are robbing ***** in my opinion :)

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    i think they do a authorization of 1.00 but as long as its not actually charged, u shouldnt get a fee.

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