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why is it important/better to loose weight slowly?

My friend gained weight after she got a desk job, now that she is trying to loose it, she said she has to " loose it slowly" becasue its unhealthy to "melt it away." she said she is planing to be in shape within 6 months!

Celebs take it off it 3! if that. they have professionals, so if it where unhealthy, wouldnt they warn them?

I've never been overweight, but if I was as unhappy with my weight as she was, I'd be at the gym 3 hours a day everyday!

As long as you use exercise and not pills, why does it matter how fast you loose it?


oops! lose. lol!

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    dont look at what celebs do... most of them are definitely not a role model for "regular people" and for a regular and healthy lifestyle.

    the reason the process has to be slow is that it includes re-learning eating and behavioural habits. it's not just about losing the few extra pounds right now for a show or a movie or whatever, it's about learning to eat properly, excersize properly and live in a way that can be sustained for the rest of your life.

    besides, weight that is lost quickly is gained quickly again once the "crash diet" is finished and then the person goes on a rollercoaster of gaining weight.

    so the thing you can do for your friend is not say "hey, you can do it in 3 months, why do it in 6?", what you need to do is support her and say... whatever you're not gaining is already a bonus.

    encourage her, but dont push her, and if it takes her a year, it's also ok... as long as she's slowly losing weight and learning new eating habits

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    Because losing weight is a lifestyle change. ANYBODY can lose 20 lbs in months. But without discipline and a lifestyle change, they'll gain it right back.

    If you lose it slowly, you don't really change your life at all. You don't HAVE to do 3 hour a day gym training, cause you know you can't go to the gym 3 hours a day for the rest of your life. By starting small, like eliminating doritos, it's more likely that you'll lose it and keep it off.

    Also, losing weight 'instantly', will still keep your organs large. That can cause a lot of defects, like heart attacks and a weak immune system.

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    if you burn more calories then you take in it leads to fatique and a number of other health problem possibly worst diebties. Plus if you take of more than 2-3 lbs a week you will loose the weight of your muscles that is why you get fatiqued but there are several reasons and the one that would concern someone that isnt worried about their health is the fact that when you exaust your metabolizum after you quit exersizing and dieting which is enevitable due to fatique you will put more weight on than when you started very very quickly

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    to shed pounds the 1st component you like is will ability. in case you have that then you certainly are already a million/2 way there ! rule no a million is do no longer weight loss software - no count what the books and celebrities say, diets at the instant are not suitable thank you to shed pounds, as you will placed the load back once you supply up the weight-reduction plan. rule no 2 the only thank you to unfastened and guard weight is : healthful foodstuff and numerous exercising. drink atleast 8 - 10 glasses of water ordinary. consume healthful meals. attempt going vegetarian as veggy meals are much less fatty (different than oils and cheese of direction) consume eco-friendly leafy vegetables usually salads cut back down on your alcohol and fatty foodstuff which contain oily fried meals, cholocates and despite it somewhat is extreme on fat. choose for the healthful decision - brown bread rather of white, bran flakes rather of sugary breakfast, fruit rather of snacks crisps between food consume extra 'filling meals' so which you dont shop feeling hungry - which contain bran, bananas and so on. do half-hour exercising atleast 3 days in a week - ordinary if achieveable. you dont could hook up with gymnasium or some thing in case you dont prefer to. brisk walking / walking / swimming for half-hour would be stable adequate. in case you proceed above then you certainly will see the version in 2 months all the applicable.......

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    you are right, some modifications in life style matching to the job you are doing is always good.

    its also advised to reduce weight slowly because,

    1)the body has to melt the waste (either it has to melt and used or excreted,)

    2)the body has to get adjusted with diet adjustmetents done.(initially we feel uncomfortable as there will be rejection mentally).

    3)later the adjustment done with balenced diet which can be taken again.

    it seems funny but its good to reduce weight this way. dont go by the pill way.

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    if you lose weight fast, it obviously means the body is not getting enough food. When you dont feed your body properly, of course its gonna strip off the weight but then it goes into "eskimo mode" this is where the fat cells are used to not eating much and when you do suddenly eat something more or with a bit more fat, it stores it in fat cells before using it as energy because its so use to starving, that it stores it for when this happens again. in otherwords, it mucks up your whole metabolism

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    The belief is, that if you loose it slowly, it gives your body time to adjust, and you can keep it off easier.

    If you drop 10 lbs really quickly, your body doesn't like it, so you put it back on quicker.

    good luck. Just start loosing now, and change your eating habits slowly. You will keep it off. ann b

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    Cause if you lose weight too fast, your fats will be used up quite quickly. Your skin will also tighten as the fats are being lost. However if the fats are lost very quickly, like in liposuction, the skin will then be totally shaggy cause the fats are lost too quickly.

    Hope this helps!!!

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    If you lose slowly, your body will have an easier time keeping it off. Losing weight quickly, though exhilarating, is mostly just water and you will quickly gain it back and perhaps more.

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    a plan to balance your caloric intake with exercise.

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