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dearjam43 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago





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  • Jacky
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    1 decade ago
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    " pulse " is as consistent as blood vessel and there are systematic things, " people's pulse " is initial in Hong Kong of China, being daily, Taiwan refer to the interpersonal relationships of various fields. In 2006, " people's pulse is the wealth pulse " this sentence spreads in the job occasion rapidly. In a lot of Chinese's view, good person's pulse relation is having a successful career and foundation with happy life.

    Mr. Lin is a manager of market department of an enterprise, he pays much attention to one's own person's pulse. For this reason, he has specially made the address book of a kind of " map type ". In a map of China, Mr. Lin draws a circle in the city with friend, on another form, according to different province and cities, after each friend's name, add their contact way. Like this, can find out about oneself in in all parts of the country person pulse relation, connected and very much convenient even clearly. Mr. Lin says in a joking way: "The business will make sure to go abroad to wait in the future, I be must prepare a world map ing! "

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    The arteries” are the blood vessel link up equally likely have system's thing, “the personal connection” in the Chinese Hong Kong, Taiwan area is at first commonly used, is refers to various aspects the interpersonal relationship. in 2006, “the personal connection is the wealth arteries” these words spreads rapidly in the professional situation. Looks like in many Chinese, has the good personal connection relations are the enterprise success and the life happy foundation.

      Mr. Lin is an enterprise's marketing department manager, he takes his personal connection. Therefore, he has manufactured one kind specially “the scheme” address book. On a Chinese map, Mr. Lin in has in friend's city to draw a circle, in another table, according to different province, city, after each friend's name, in addition their contact method. Thus, can understand clearly oneself in the land's the personal connection relations, relates is also convenient. Mr. Lin cracked a joke said: “and so on future services will achieve the overseas to go, I must prepare a world map!” 


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