what happens when u dont sleep for long periods of time?

I dunno what is up with my boyfriend but he has been up for 36 hours straight. He does this a lot.....and I would not think that it would be very good for his body. Me and him both do not eat the most healthy either so on top of not sleeping and not eating very well I am worried something bad will happen to him. He is 25 years old. He pretty much just stays up all day and nite on the internet, playing xbox, making music (he has a studio in our house) and just whatever.


and no i do not think he is smoking crystal meth....but i can see how someone might think that lol but no he is not on drugs he just stays up all the time....and then he finally crashes and sleeps all the time after a while

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  • 1 decade ago
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    He's enjoying what he's doing. That's why he doesn't even feel tired or sleepy. I used to play different video game consoles and had a fairly large collection of great gaming titles (mostly RPGs). If my parents weren't there to supervise, I would have continued to play more than 24 hours.

    I have experienced not sleeping for 4 days straight (it's true, and I'm blaming it to my evil Engineering professor). The first day is almost normal; but as the day progresses, I cannot even think straight. Simple questions become complex...

    Stuffs like that happen because the brain also needs to lighten its load...it is similar to working for a long period of time without rest - you'll exhaust yourself...faint somewhere...and who knows what will happen next. Also, if you don't sleep for long periods of time (an extreme case), it results to death.

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  • 5 years ago

    Sleep deprevation is not a very healthy thing for your body at all. A minimum of seven hours sleep is required per 24 hours. This gives the body and the brain time to repair and replace needed cells. It relaxes the body to to take away all the tension of the day. As you deprive yourself of this needed sleep, you stand a chance of serious tissue, brain and bodily function damage. We lose our alertness the longer we stay awake. The body tires and in some cases, takes days to recover. Syptoms of lack of sleep are, irritability, stress, not focussing, blurred eye sight, inabilitty to stand for lengthis of time, forgetfulness, and losing track of time. There are others, but these are the major signs. Source is general taught knowledge in your text books in High School.


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  • 4 years ago

    Your body begins to devour itself -- Literally. You're straining for energy. Your body will begin shutting down organs in order to maintain a constant energy balance. Your muscles may begin to weaken and you'll lose weight (Muscle tissue always burns first). You'll hallucinate. Your brain will slowly shut down. Your kidneys will fail and you'll die. If you begin to hallucinate, sleep immediately. Take sleeping pills if you have to (However NOT reccomended). Try a hot glass of milk or tea. That usually works. You need something to calm your restless mind and body.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Dont jump to conclusions...but uhh... do you suspect he may be smoking crystal meth?

    (not trying to be mean)

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