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Rate my fantasy football team! Grading Scale: A-F?

QB: Donovan Mcnabb

RB: LanDainian Tomlinson

RB: Warrick Dunn (I figure that if Michael Vick will be gone then Warrick Dunn will be there whole offense)

WR: Braylon Edwards

WR: Chad Johnson

WR: Randy Moss

TE: Jeremy Shockey

D/ST: Ravens

K: Adam Vinatieri

Back Ups:

QB: Eli Manning

RB: Chris Henry

RB: Kevin Barlow

WR: Amani Toomer

WR: Reggie Williams

D/ST: Vikings

K: John Carney


Ive been asked how many people are in my leaguge. We have 10 people. NOT 4 or 5 because THATS NOT REAL FANTASY FOOTBALL

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    its a good thing you got lt, he will be your prime scorer.

    decent wr corps in moss & johnson.

    one of the best te, K & dfense.

    i am concerned about your #2 rb, #3 wr & qb.

    mcnabb, fresh off an injury, may have limited minutes. i would start manning, at least until mcnabb proves he can throw like him old self.

    warrick dunn wont have a good year. half the reason he had such a good year last year was the michael vick running game. there was pass, vick run and dunn run. the shotgun formation exploited bad defensive line coverage, thus giving dunn big holes. a pocket qb this year will hurt his stats. start chirs henry too

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    you are slightly unbalanced in the sense that you have some strong player (Mcnabb, LT, Chad Johnson, and Ravens D) but you are very weak everywhere else (what really jumped out at me as being a weakness was the fact that your 2nd rb is warrick dunn, which is a weak choice)

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    QB A Brady is one of the best Leinert is a good #2 grossman well... RBs C Dude... alexander will rebound Taylor will split carries and get hurt, Bell may not start trade a WR for a good #2 RB cause ull need it WR A+ one of the best cores ive seen TE: B+ Heap is ok D A+ Bears are the man, Eagles are a top 10 D K A wilkins is good overall A- if you get a good backup RB then you should have no trouble winning the league

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    good luck with Braylon Edwards..... he is streaky at best especially with no set QB in cleveland. Dunn has a herniated disk so get rid of him and grab jackson from green bay which is probably still on the waiver wire cause hes been under the radar. I hate the eagles so i wont praise you for McNabb......but your bench is weak. B-

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    considering your league size and who you got i would give you about an A-. If you could somehow pick up one more good back for your bench through trade i think you would be in very good shape. Henry and Barlow i just dont feel will contribute much, see if you can maybe pick up one of the rookie backs, seems at least two of them have decent first years, enough to be good bench and flex players.

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    You are a little weak at WR, since there is heaps of sleeper picks I say drop Reggie Williams and go for a WR with more looks towards his way.

    Good Job on getting LT.

    Grade: B

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    probably depends alot on warrick done who could be getting close to warrick done due to age and the playmaking abilities of jerious norwood . just not sure how close norwood is to being able to step up. also agree with the previous poster, bench is a little weak. tomlinson will win you a few by himself.

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    Nice job on getting LT and having Baltimore for Def can give your team a nice boost to make up for weak WR.

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    hey id have to give it a B u have a solid running attack, D, and K. Mcnabb comming off an injury and eli hasnt shown much. i dont no how moss is going to do with Brady but Johnson is a great deep threat

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    I'd give it a solid B. Reggie Bush would be a nice addition, and I would pick Hasselbeck as a QB. Otrher than that, its pretty solid

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